Zindaya sees the name of her favorite red carpet for her style

Zendaya and image architect Law Roach have been finalizing the star’s vision for red carpet dressing for many years, often referring to iconic fashion moments throughout history. Together, and with the help of the designers, they have created some imaginative works of art, so just to name a few Three A pretty big deal for her favorite outfit. But it’s time to talk Style Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown has done just that, specifically explaining why she has such a strong connection to the clothes she wears:

“I think their own character and narrative about the red carpet We are very emotional, so I can embody these different aspects – maybe they are my own, or maybe they change their ego. .

To shoot, Zindaya Schiaparelli, Armani Prive, Pierre Moss, Alexis Mabel and of course Valentino, wore the fashion house behind the awesome gown you see above, which was also worn at the Normany 2021 Met Gala. “I’ll tell you what the most beautiful thing is. When [Valentino creative director] Pierpaolo [Piccioli] Comes with this beautiful silhouette for me to wear, it has my name sewn on a little tag inside. So all my custom Valentino pieces have a little ‘Zendaya’ on them, ”he said of his relationship with the label, which became an official partnership in December 2020 and has been campaigning and red carpet dressing ever since.

Next, read quotes from the Gendarme feature where she breaks down her most memorable appearance and talks about her style icon, which includes Cher, Diahan Carroll and her grandmother.

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