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The unprecedented growth of digital assets in the last few years and their trading came as a joyous push in global financial markets. As of October 2021, the total crypto market cap sits comfortably above $ 2.1 trillion, with 300 million users spread around the world. These numbers may seem huge at first, but on further inspection, we realize that they are smaller than our conventional financial system.

Even after cryptocurrencies have successfully stood the test of time and improved in the face of epidemics, their adoption rate seems to be low. This is mainly due to their accessibility and lack of liquidity. The truth is that the complex processing involved in buying, selling, storing and trading cryptocurrencies prevents people from engaging in decentralized space. Wallets like Metamask, where users can buy and store crypto, are not user-friendly and DEXs do not accept Fiat payments. Thus, newcomers have only a centralized exchange left to buy crypto. To make matters worse, users are forced to rely on many platforms for their various needs in the crypto space, which becomes extremely difficult to manage.

However, these centralized exchanges, as we have recently seen, have some serious security issues and a hack can wipe out all user resources. Combining these factors makes digital resources unpleasant for beginners. But, now we have a solution to all these accessibility problems in the form of Coinovy.

Allrounder Wallet

Coinovy ​​is an all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet application that aims to make cryptocurrencies easily accessible to the public. Through its all-inclusive interface, the platform aims to reduce friction for everyone buying, selling, storing, trading, insuring, shopping and withdrawing cryptocurrencies. It is designed to reduce barriers to entry for newcomers and still ensure that it effectively meets the needs of crypto users.

Coinovy ​​wallet funds serve as an excellent bridge between the world of digital financing and digital resources to ensure smooth flow of funds. As a multicurrency wallet, it supports a variety of digital assets, including BTC, ETH and LTC, which means that users do not have to rely on multiple wallets to store their assets. However, the most important thing is the crypto-to-fiat conversion that facilitates Coinovy. Users can withdraw crypto assets stored in Coinovy ​​Wallet on a worldwide Visa-enabled debit card and easily spend it anywhere. This debit card can be integrated with Apple Pay, making it easier to spend on crypto.

In addition to being a crypto wallet, Coinovy ​​is a crypto exchange that features over 100 exchange pairs so that users can easily trade tokens of their choice. In addition, Coinovy ​​users have been given an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) which makes it easy for them to transfer funds worldwide in more than 150 countries. For those who are concerned about the security of your assets on this platform, Coinovy ​​has partnered with BitGo to insure user assets and compensate them in the event of a security threat.

With these features, Coinovy ​​solves the accessibility problem, but that’s not it. Coinovy ​​has much more to offer the crypto world.

Considering the problems of inter-operative functionality prevalent in the crypto world, Coinovy ​​has created a bridge that facilitates cross-chain transactions between the Benson smart chain and Etherium. The platform provides users with instant up to $ 5000 against their crypto holding so that they can help fund other ventures in their lives so that they are not harmed by not selling their crypto. Or, users whose crypto assets are inactive can participate directly in their Coinovy ​​and gain handsome incentives. In addition, Coinovy ​​helps investors grow their assets with AI-based predictions and predictions about asset values.

Coinovy ​​token

To strengthen the platform and settle transactions, Coinovy ​​has a local token known as C2F. This ERC-20 token has a maximum of one billion C2F supplies and serves as a payment method on the platform along with other supported cryptocurrencies. C2F token holders are entitled to various incentives and discounts offered on the Coinovy ​​platform. They can also use it to pay fees, purchase goods and services, exchange lists, stack and advertise on the Coinovy ​​platform.

What does the future look like?

With cryptocurrency growing in popularity day by day, many of our new users now want to enter the world of decentralization. To all these new users, Coinovy ​​comes as a welcome window. This reduces the walled gardens of the crypto ecosystem so that it is more accessible to everyone around the world. If applied well, Coinovy ​​could become the key to widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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