Young thag is pretty in pink

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Josh Breasted

Young thug

Over the weekend, Young Thag posted a picture of a pink Lamborghini in front of a pink (cherry?) Flowering tree on Instagram. Caption: “Collect this pink flowering tree 3 years ago for this album.” For his upcoming rollout Punk, Everything in the world of thugs has turned pink – this weekend with the bright outfits she’s wearing. It’s a good reminder that even one of the most influential rappers of his generation, Thugo, has boldly pushed forward new ideas about style, gender and self-expression. Plus she just looks great in pink.

JOCE / Bauer-Griffin

Justin Bieber

The boy cleans up! (Real Tailoring Heads will notice the bold use of Bieber’s Chelsea boots typically not usually worn with a tox, but of course consistent with the path He Wants to wear one.)

Erica Goldring

Creator Tyler

Going back to the tour Call me if you get lost, Tyler’s travel style যা which pulls too much from his top-level regular style, naturally রয়েছে is already at its peak.

Gary Miller

Kelly machine gun

The whole pivot-to-warped-tour thing of MGK is honestly going nicely. Short sleeves on long sleeves are coming back!

David M. Bennett


If you’re launching a new EP যেমন like Skepta did last week আপনি you can also wear a bottle-green velvet tox to do it.

Gary Miller

Playboy card

Certified Rock Star Fit.

Michael Lokisano

Matt Damon

Black suit + white tee = red carpet excellence.

David M. Bennett

Janissa Bravo

Lots going on here, but in a positive surge, more-Way– More fashion.

Scott used to

Roddy Rich

The biggest fit competitor for sunglasses in the true sense. (Everything else helps, though.)

JOCE / Bauer-Griffin


Investors’ Corner: We are here Long Double breasted suit for the whole year. Buy, buy, buy.

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