You can now remove the password from your Microsoft account

Although perfectly The future without passwords is still one way off, you will soon be able to take a big step towards that by identifying the password in your Microsoft account. The company announced today that the password-free features that corporate customers already have will now be available to everyone.

In the next few weeks, Microsoft will launch a biometric-based Hello login service for the passwordless life and Windows in the Microsoft Authentication app. You’ll be able to set things up so that you use a biometric such as a fingerprint or face scan, a hardware authentication token, or a verification code sent to your phone or email as an alternative to a password. Like your old login, the new system will allow you – and more than a billion Microsoft account holders – to access services like Office Office 365 and OneDrive.

“Theft of identities and passwords has led to an increase in cyber attacks. As a defender, we’ve really stopped this work for us,” said Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of security, compliance, identity and management. “Without a password you’ll get better security and it’s much easier. It’s just a slam dunk.”

Passwordless schemes use biometrics (whatever you have) or hardware security keys (whatever you have) to make sure you know who you’re claiming; In other words, to prove you. In contrast, passwords are “something you know”, which becomes a problem when that information is “known” or guessed by others. In passwordless schemes, though, even the security codes sent to your phone are really “something you have” instead of “something you know”, because they require access to your smartphone in a specific, short period of time.

This conceptual change makes passwordless systems much more secure, but people have become so accustomed to using passwords for decades that they sometimes find it hard to try anything else. If you invest time in setting up a password manager, you may feel that a lot of excitement is gone from the whole situation. And it’s easy to login without a password To feel Less secure simply because less hassle is involved in finding your webcam for a face scan or blocking UBK on a USB port.

Even within Microsoft it took years to design and implement an alternative framework that completely eliminated passwords instead of adding more layers of protection on top of them.

Brett Arsenalt, Microsoft’s chief information security officer, said: “I remember it was 2017 and we started talking about what we’re doing instead of just deleting passwords instead of improving multifactor authentication.” “I was sitting there wondering, is it just fiction that someone came from marketing? And then I thought, well, if we really want to delete passwords, what do we do separately? It was literally like turning on a light bulb.

Microsoft says it has more than 200 million passwordless users from its enterprise rollout. And the company is not the only technology giant that offers the option to log in with a password. While Windows and Office 365 are ubiquitous among both corporate customers and individuals, it has a special impact.

To kill your Microsoft password forever, download the Microsoft Authentication app and link it to your Microsoft account. Then go to, select Sign in, And then Advanced security options. Under Extra security Search Account without password And tap Turn on. Follow the requests and then approve the change from the authentication application.

That’s it. If you want to reverse the process, there is an option to re-add your password. But who will miss it?

“You think everyone hates passwords, but there’s a group that likes passwords,” Arsenalt said. They are called criminals. “

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