Yemeni citizens use crypto donations to fight starvation during the civil war

A radiator living in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, claims to be using cryptocurrency to buy food packages for families unable to deliver during the ongoing civil war.

According to user YemenVoice’s Reddit post on Thursday, Yemeni citizens have raised about ,000 12,000 in crypto grants used to fight hunger in the Middle Eastern country. They claim that 15 families have been provided with flour, rice, oil and beans and hope to reach more in the near future.

“I have tried very hard to help my people by finding possible ways,” YemenVoice said. “I have tried to run an online donation campaign, but unfortunately, not all online donation platforms support Yemen. So, I thought of using cryptocurrency as an alternative method and actually it was much easier and more effective.

Yemen’s civil war began in Yemen in 2011, when Saudi-led forces responded to a request for help from ousted President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. The country has been under siege by air, land and sea since March 2015, leaving millions of Yemenis in dire need of basic necessities.

According to David Bezley, executive director of the UN World Food Program, 16 million people in Yemen are “heading for starvation” – including 400,000 children under the age of five, according to a separate report – already in critical condition. YemenVoice claims they have been able to “break the blockade” and raise money in the country to buy food using cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dozcoin (DOGE) and Nano. Nano).

“[I] Received grants, then transferred from my wallet to merchants wallet or exchange company (we only have one company that accepts bitcoin), then I bought these food packages, as you can see and they are old, single mother and orphan, though young or There is no difference between the elderly, everyone is starving.

According to blockchain records, addresses in YemenVoice received about $ 600 in BTC, $ 1 in BCH and $ 64 in NANO, but Redditter told Cointelegraph they received $ 12,000 in crypto, of which $ 3,000 was already used to pay medical bills, buy drugs, Rent and buy food. ”They tried to trade for another $ 9,000 but claimed to have lost almost all of their funds.

“I consider the amount I lost as a loss to people and I want to pay for it even if I have to sell a car,” Redditter said.

Although the story and use of the funds could not be independently verified, YemenVoice claimed that they had selected some people in need and would “pay them wherever I found them.” Many Reddit users have expressed their support for the project but questioned how anyone could use crypto effectively in areas like Yemen.

“If I send an amount of bitcoin, they give me the equivalent in dollars, but in local currency, and so I buy and distribute these products,” said YemenVoice. “Soon you will see Yemeni shop owners trading in Bitcoin and not converting it into dollars or even local currencies. Especially with the deterioration of life here and the fall of the Yemeni real.”

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Although the efforts of these redditors seem to be using crypto as a good force, others in different countries have exceeded US or UN sanctions by relying on cryptocurrency grants. In Venezuela, the authorities seemingly strongly support the use of crypto to avoid various sanctions imposed on the country.