Yelp’s data shows% 0% of all businesses that closed during Covid, which is now permanently closed.

It’s official – more than 50% of businesses across the country that closed during last year’s Covid Hysteria are now permanently closed.

In July of this year, the former governor of New York, Kuomo, was begging businessmen to return to New York. Too late, Kuomo and countless oppressive governors across the country harmed them. Millions were laid off and small businesses across the country were shut down.

Andrew Cuomo has started a business to return to New York City after destroying it with a lockdown.

It is too late for Kuomo and all the governors who were interested in destroying the jobs, businesses and livelihoods of Americans. These works have gone well.

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Yelp’s data shows the job is gone.

Yelp released its latest economic impact report on Wednesday, which revealed that the economic downturn of the coronavirus epidemic is shutting down businesses in the United States.

As of August 31, some 163,735 businesses on Yelp indicated they had closed. This is less than the 180,000 that stopped at the very beginning of the epidemic. However, it actually shows a 23% increase in the number of closures since mid-July.

In addition to monitoring closed businesses, Yelp also considers businesses whose closures have become permanent. This number has steadily increased over the last six months, now reaching 97,966, representing 60% of closed businesses that will not be reopened.

“Overall, Yelp’s data shows that business has closed with a 34% increase in permanent closures since our last report in mid-July.”

Dr. Congratulations to Fawcett, Dr. Bir Barks, Nancy Pelosi, Democrats, Rhino, Covid Karen, and all those who haven’t seen it out of their noses, realizing that the remedy is worse than Covid. Now millions of people are working, meaningless and have lost their dreams. Well done.

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