WWE News: Roman Rains discusses his future plans at WWE

Universal champion Roman Raines has opened his mouth about what will happen next in WWE as he continues his path of destruction on SmackDown.

Tribal Chief Edge, Daniel Bryan, has successfully defended his title against Finn Balor and John Cena and is still not ready to give it up. Her next assignment will be at the WWE Crown Jewel, where she will fight for the prestigious award for Brock Lesnar.

During an interview with Complex, Roman Rains was asked about his future plans in the WWE and he revealed that he wants to continue competing at a higher level.

“I think we’re in the middle of what we’re trying to do now,” Raines said. “So in the end I’m focused on finishing what we’re doing in this run, wherever it may land. It could be a year from now. It could be five years from now. I’m not sure exactly what that deadline is going to be but I think it’s up to me to keep competing at the highest level, to perform at the highest level and to be fascinated at the highest level. From there you need to analyze yourself and where you are emotionally and physically and how emotionally connected you are to what you are doing. “

The Roman Empire on the possible transition from professional wrestling

Before building a career in the wrestling industry, Roman Rains was an American footballer. After he retires from wrestling, it is possible that he could follow in the footsteps of his cousin The Rock and transform into acting.

Raines commented:

“If there’s a way to transform into some different kind of entertainment, which obviously everyone likes‘ cinema ’, like it’s the only form,” Roman Raines said. “And it would be great. It would be a lot of fun and a great experience to know the side of it, but you can do a lot of different things to entertain and connect with your fans and people around the world. So there are many ways to explore.”

Roman Reigns is the biggest wrestling star right now, and he will no doubt be a Hollywood star if he wants to go down that path.

But at the moment, it seems The Tribal Chief is focused on retaining the Universal Champion and making SmackDown relevant to his island.

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