Women’s World Cup: FIFA unveils logo and slogan for 2023 tournament Football news

FIFA has unveiled the logo for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which aims to celebrate the landscapes and cultural history of host countries Australia and New Zealand.

The tournament’s slogan, “Beyond Greatness”, was unveiled shortly after the start of the countdown to the world’s biggest event in women’s football.

Plan for Plan A.

FIFA has insisted that they are planning a World Cup on time and with fans around the world, despite an ongoing travel ban during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Australia and New Zealand have been closely monitoring arrivals in countries during the global health crisis, but tournament organizers are not making contingency plans at this stage.

In addition to the logo, the music producers have also created a ‘soundscape’ for the tournament.

“Both governments are working hard to open the border and Kovid could be something we say we can live with,” FIFA chief women’s football officer Sarai Barman told reporters.

“I believe that the measures that the two governments are taking in both countries mean that we are going to face an open situation in 2023 and both countries will be able to welcome fans, players and teams.”

“We have to be careful about taking action. We’re all used to it now. For example, wearing a mask, social distance and things like that. It’s important for us to work with two governments to work safely.”

The global pandemic has seen the presence of women’s football in some countries stagnate in 2021, with more than 23,000 appearances at Wembley for England v Northern Ireland recently cited by many supporters as a concern.

Berman admits that the last year and a half has had a negative impact on the global game, but is confident that the World Cup will help solve any problem in the long run.

“It’s a matter of concern, of course, we can’t deny it,” Berman said when asked about the presence.

“Covid has influenced football because it has other sports and wider society. It’s something we need to keep a close eye on.”

Inside the WSL

Thursday, October 26 at 7:30 p.m.

“It’s obviously having an impact on bringing people to the stadium so we have to use this World Cup and build up and get over those problems.”

By 2026, 60,000,000 women and girls will play

Despite the problems caused by the epidemic and the economic downturn, FIFA is confident of reaching the goal of 60,000,000 women and girls playing football worldwide by 2026.

Berman insists the World Cup is a high-profile way to get women to where they are playing.

“The biggest change in women’s sport is the Women’s World Cup. You just have to look at the numbers in France, they have really pushed women’s football into the mainstream.

“The next generation of girls need every opportunity to participate in our game, to coach, to lead and to pull our biggest lever to accelerate the growth of our game in the Women’s World Cup.”

Plans to host the Women’s World Cup every two years are underway and feasibility studies and discussions are underway by FIFA and players, coaches and officials.

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