Women’s History Month Financial Assets

What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than to consider women’s financial well-being? Although many women are increasingly independent, they often support themselves and other family members. General financial planning often ignores gender-specific issues that challenge long-term financial security for women. Betterment’s guide here to help you navigate the month.

Meet quality women

Women + of Betterment ERSG works for the betterment of the company through partnerships across the organization for the voices and advancement of all women, but you identify. The proposed solutions We work with the ERSG of Betterment to ensure intersection. We provide women + opportunities to strengthen relationships, lead and expand their networks.

Investment, financial planning and career tips for women

Everyone should understand the importance of financial planning for women. Here are four articles that can help you get started, from gender-specific considerations to making more money, here are our money tips for women.

Is financial planning different for women?

Betterment female leaders share their best career advice

How a Generation Gap Affects Financing for Women

Women and money: Bridge the gap

The organizations we are supporting this month

Although the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic has plagued all aspects of American society, research has shown how women who work at the forefront and through widespread unemployment are unequally affected. Here are three organizations you can donate to today that are working to bridge the social and economic gap for women:

Downstairs closet – helps women in New York prepare for job interviews and prepare them for success in their careers.

Mothers are helping mothers – providing hundreds of thousands of people in New Jersey with the necessities for their children and families.

Day for Girls – Provides reusable monthly products, health education programs and training classes for women and girls.

Trans Lifeline – Trans Community for Trans Community – Trans provides live emotional and financial support to people in crisis.

Ladies Who Launch – Women entrepreneurs follow their passion and facilitate the connections needed to start their business.

Companies that support women on the Betterment platform

Through our Charitable Giving feature, customers can donate shares held by us for more than a year to any of our companies. Below are three charities working to improve the lives of women:

  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation – Provide the best ideas in breast cancer research.
  • Hour Children – Reunite Affected Families in Prison.
  • American Boys and Girls Clubs provide a safe place for kids and teens during out-of-school times.

Invest in gender equality this month with our social impact portfolio.

If you are passionate about issues like gender and ethnic equity and want to support organizations that are committed to gender diversity in senior leadership, you can invest your money in Betterment’s social impact portfolio.

There are two more socially responsible investment portfolios that can be aligned with your values: Broad Impact Portfolio and Climate Impact Portfolio.

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