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Texas Right to Life says SB8, a state law that prohibits abortion after fetal cardiac activity, can be detected, having “saved 100 lives per day” since it took effect Sept. 1. As 132. “

One reason for the uncertainty is that women in Texas who have exceeded the legal limit of SB8, which usually occurs within six weeks of pregnancy, can still get abortions in other states with less restrictive policies. In that case, recent experience in Texas foreshadows what will happen if the Supreme Court decides that, contrary to what has been said for nearly half a century, the Constitution does not protect women’s right to abortion.

Judges will hear next month, including a ban on alternative abortions performed 15 weeks after Mississippi, giving those precedents a chance to look again. But if the court rejects them, the consequences will be far less dramatic than the expectations of pro-life activists and the fears of pro-choice activists.

Unlike Mississippi law, which was blocked before it went into effect, the Texas ban has survived multiple challenges, including a Justice Department lawsuit that created a short-term initial ban because of its innovative enforcement process, which relies on personal litigation rather than direct state action. Both laws are clearly inconsistent Rowe vs. Wade, A 1973 decision that states could not prohibit abortions before “effectiveness” and Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, Re-affirming that judgment of 1 ruling2 RoweOf “central holding.”

What if those barriers are removed? The current situation in Texas gives some clues.

The abortion clinics that challenged the SB8, Texas Heartbeat Act, estimated that it would affect at least 85% of women for abortion. But that doesn’t mean the law has reduced abortions by 5 percent, which would be 12 to 12 less abortions per day, judging by state data from 2020.

Appointments to abortion clinics have increased in nearby states such as Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas since SB8 became effective. Although the financial and logistical burden of traveling to other states has probably hindered Something Newly prohibited abortions, many are happening anyway.

According to the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR), Oklahoma and Louisiana are among the 22 states that have severely restricted abortion. Rowe vs. Wade Reversed. But the CRR classifies New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas as states where alternative abortions are likely to be legal, meaning those options will still exist even if the newly released Texas legislature bans all abortions.

In 21 states, the CRR says, the right to abortion is protected by law or by judicial interpretation of the state constitution. Seven states lack such clear legal protections but the possibility of sanctions in their absence is not considered. Rowe.

It is estimated that in 22 states where elective abortion is prohibited, Caitlin Knowles Myers, an economist at Middlebury College, calculated this year that the average distance to an abortion clinic for women of childbearing age would increase from 35 to 279 miles. She and her colleagues estimate there will be about 14 percent fewer abortions – about 87,000 less – based on a 2018 total report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“A post-Rowe The United States is not one where abortion is not legal, ”Myers said New York Times. “This is one where there is a huge disparity in access to abortion.”

Public opinion about abortion control varies widely in different states. In most countries, however, neither the electorate nor the legislature is willing to support such extensive restrictions as were previously in place. Rowe.

Something like a 14 percent reduction in abortion would be a welcome development for those who see the process as tantamount to murder. But it is far from the goal that has driven the movement for life Rowe And dystopia imagined by the most ardent supporters of that decision.

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