With ‘The Crown’, Netflix finally took the Emmy throne

In the end, the streaming platforms won the EMJ, winning major awards in Netflix and AppleTV + drama, comedy and limited series as the Television Academy voters acknowledged the dramatic change in entertainment, from channel-flipping days to traditional theatrical TV-click-and-watch binge. .

The rich Netflix chronicle “The Crown”, the rise and fall of the British royal family, won the Best Drama award at the 3rd Emmy Awards on Sunday, bringing the tech giant to victory for the first time in one of the biggest awards in television.

The play wins in the strength of its fourth season, which takes viewers back to the 1980s as it portrayed the relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. “The Crown” also dominates the acting department. Olivia Coleman won the Best Actress award for a play starring Queen Elizabeth II. She is the second actress to win the role of Queen Elizabeth in “The Crown,” Claire Foy received the award in 2018.

On Sunday, Josh O’Connor (Prince Charles), Gillian Anderson (Margaret Thatcher) and Tobias Menzies (Prince Philip) won Emmy for their performances in the period drama.

“I’m so proud, I’m so grateful, we’re going to the party,” said Peter Morgan, the creator of “The Crown,” providing his comments from a visitor party to the cast of the show in London, for the best writing since the victory.

“The Queen’s Gambit,” a seven-episode chess prodigy show on Netflix, won the Best Limited Series, another first for the platform. The limited series category has become a must-see genre among viewers, its big-budget productions often feature A-list stars, and the television academy, which organizes the Emmids, seemed to agree: the limited series category was the last prize night, a term that previously Was reserved for the best drama.

For Netflix, the best dramas and best limited series wins were long overdue. From 2013 to 2020, the streaming service received 300 nominations for Best Drama, Comedy, and Limited Series, but never won those categories, often losing to HBO, the annual Amy Heavyweight.

Before winning the best drama in “The Crown”, only one streaming service, Hulu, won that category when it won the “The Handmade Tale” award four years ago. And before the victory of “The Queen’s Gambit”, no streaming show has ever picked up the best figure in a limited series.

At the end of the show, Netflix received more awards than HBO for the first time, taking 44mm, compared to 19 on HBO and its streaming platform, HBO Max.

And Netflix was hardly the only streaming service that had a big night.

“Ted Lasso,” a sentimental show about an aphorism-spouting, fish-out-of-water soccer coach, which won a viewer, took Emmy to Best Comedy, a big win for Apple TV +, a streaming service. Not two years old.

Jason Sudaikis, the former “Saturday Night Live” who played the title character on the show, won the first Emmy for Best Actor in Comedy, and his fellow members Brett Goldstein and Hannah Wadingham won in the supporting category.

“Jason, you’ve changed my life,” said an exuberant Wadingham, paying tribute to the show’s producer and executive producer, Sudekis, amid shouts of joy.

“Hacks” also scored in the comedy category, winning awards for writing and directing, and for Best Actress in Comedy for her role as Jean Smart on the show as Joan Rivers. The series was created for HBO Max, HBO’s streaming service, not for cable.

The victories were appropriate for an event that recognized the best show that attracted critics and viewers in the coronavirus epidemic. While staying at home last year and earlier this year, people increasingly moved away from cable and embraced streaming video entertainment, which accelerated the long-term trend.

Only TV Sunday wasn’t completely out of the picture.

“Mar of Easttown,” HBO’s cowardly limited series, breaking the acting divisions, has honored Julian Nicholson and his custom Evan Peters for Best Supporting Actor. Anita Taylor-Joy (“The Queen’s Gambit”), Michael Coyle (“I May Destroy You”) won one of the most competitive categories of the night, winning the limited-series Best Actress award for her role as Kate Winslet, Tired Detective. .

“Emmer of Easttown” was this cultural moment and it brought people together and they had something to say about other than the global epidemic, “Winslet said after receiving her Emmy.

Another score for the wire: “Rupel Drag Race,” the winner of the Best Competition Series for the fourth year in a row. With the win, Rupel Charles brought his career to Tally 11mm.

Michael Coyle won for best writing in a limited series of HBO’s “I May Destroy You”. And John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight”, an HBO series, won the sixth consecutive Emmy in the Best Variety Talk series. Oliver paid tribute to the soft-spoken McDonald in his speech, who died of cancer last week at the age of 61. Time to receive Amy for the best-selling sketch series.

“Weekend Update” was part of ‘SNL’ for 46 seasons, “Michaels said.” And here I want to pay tribute to one of our best – the soft McDonald’s. “

Cedric the entertainer, stand-up comedian and star of the CBS sitcom “The Neighborhood” who hosted the show, gave a jolt with an exuberant song-and-dance number at the opening moment of the show.

At one end of “Just a Friend” in 1989, the hit of the beloved rapper Biz Markey, who died in the summer, Cedric led the crowd to television: “TV – you’ve got what I need.” Ppersers LL Cool J and Lil Dickey and, in a wonderful cameo, Rita Wilson each took a verse and soon got the celebrity guests out of their seats to dance.

After the opening issue, Cedric provided a four-minute solo drama that avoids the kind of laser commentary he saw in recent on-stage comments from Emmy hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Michael Che and Colin Jost.

With a lot of humorous jokes on issues far from the realm of politics, Cedric began “Danger!”

“Shut the door,” he told the crowd. “We’re not leaving until we get a new host for Danger!” Somewhere here. “

He called the Pfizer shot a “boogie” and compared it to Neiman Marcus, while researching various Covid-1 vaccines. In that plan, Moderna was Massey, and Johnson & Johnson was compared to TJ Max.

With Cedric’s warm outlook, opening numbers, and cheerful comments, a fitting start was provided for an event that was a private event for the first time in two years. Yet, it did not depend entirely on the size of the crowd and the philosophy of Hollywood in earlier times. Instead of taking place in the 100-seat Microsoft Theater, the Amids were handed over to a tent in downtown Los Angeles, where hundreds of people gathered.

Nominees sat at the table, food and drink, à la Golden Globes, a dash of glamor that the show’s creators hoped would further boost ratings, reaching a new low last year. Some cast and production workers plan to gather from afar.

The small-scale show coincides with the declining situation in the TV industry last year. Due to production delays during the epidemic, the number of shows submitted for the best drama and comedy races dropped by 30 percent.

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