With Javy Báez Mets has been better than you think

Xavi Boys

Xavi Boys
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It’s easy to forget that the Mets have existed recently. The biggest news is coming from Queens as they have been knocked out of the play-offs by Francisco Linder and Xavi Boys. “Frustration“Defeat, Jacob Digrom is injured Often from Mr. Glass Indomitable, And a TikTok trend involving a Spider-Man villain, Kingpin, being a huge Mets fan.

Other than that, the Mets have been as relevant to playing baseball as I am. They are guaranteed to finish below .500, and after a season with Francisco Linder, the team acquired a huge offseason, ending the Mets offense. Batting average 22nd, 24th in OPS, and a -42.9 FanGraphs record offensive combat. Xavi was supposed to help Baiz commit a crime like a hockey poke and turn himself around. That’s all after all. However, if you were paying any attention to the Mets, all the talk of the fans and missing a breaking ball by four feet in this fantastic video of the boys:

You might think that Bayez’s deadline acquisition didn’t work at all. In reality though, Xavier Base is one of the best hitters in baseball since landing in Queens.

Personally, I thought the Mets were their No. 1 pick. No. The potential pit gave Crow-Armstrong too much, while trading for the Boys. El Mago fought hard in 2021 for a .292 OBP (the second lowest of his career), a .484 SLG, and a strikeout rate of 33.5 percent (eighth-highest in the MLB). However, since joining the Mets, the Boys have dropped .316 / .387 / .542. In just 44 games, his base percentage has risen from .292 to .323. That’s three points behind his .326 career-high OBP, finishing the same season Bayez. NL MVP is second in the vote.

Now the question is whether the Mets should keep Bayez for the future season. Although the numbers indicate that it would be foolish for the Mets to allow Bayez to move to a free agency, Bayez left an impression on the Mets. To shout at the fans And Sandy Alderson, the president of the Mets, called out to fans, perhaps with a bad taste in the Mets’ mouths. Bad enough to let Bayez go in this bad offseason.

While you never want to put your player on your roster who doesn’t want to play there, it’s not impossible for players who have made a poor first impression to reunite with their team. Take Pablo Sandoval. The former giants’ slogger repeatedly defeated the Giants in 2014 Signing a deal with the Boston Red Sox. After his failure in Boston, Sandoval made one Sincere forgiveness To the Giants and their fans before signing a deal with the team in 2017. Although the big panda power went away from his days with the Giants in early 2010, fans welcomed Sandoval with open arms even though he was not the same player he was.

As I said, Bayez is not in exactly the same situation. Sandoval made a great first impression with fans of the Giants just to ruin his reputation at a glance. It would be hard for the Bays to meet the fans and management of the Mets, but it certainly can be done. Bayez has spoken in the past Want to re-sign with the cubs In free agency, but if the Mets do like Marlon Brando and offer him a deal that he can’t refuse, Boyce could be a key member of that Mets crime for the next few years.

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