With bad ‘red flag’ jokes everywhere, most meme-stock traders are just looking green

Sometimes, you just have to stop hating and celebrate the classics.

Retail investors took to Oz Mem stocks on Wednesday as Gamestop GME,
+ 4.69%,
Entertainment AMC,
+ 2.96%
And BlackBerry BB,
+ 5.03%
Gain all posts during Robinhood Hood,
Mem-Stock tried to brow-out with the crowd but instead posted a “dad’s tweet”, which annoyed many traders on social media who are already distrustful of the zero-commission trading app.

Topics for AMC were prime on Wednesday morning as the hashtag #AMCSqueeze continued to trend on Twitter and theatrical chain’s meme-friendly CEO Adam Aaron Waxed Poetry on Social Media App About Marvel’s upcoming superhero blockbuster “Eternals”.

The optimism about AMC stocks is further fueled by the assumption that hedge funds are barely shortening stocks, which will have to be covered in the next week or two, with a 30% or more profit margin.

This theory spread to trading on GameStop and BlackBerry, both of which closed at about 5% due to both investors voicing openly about both tickers. BlackBerry’s mention – which announced some new software deals on Wednesday – surpassed 1,000%, according to Hype Equity.

While Gamestop’s stance was the main driver of the day’s run, a big moment came for the stock in response to Robinhood’s ambitious cool tweets.

At 1:51 p.m., Robinhood’s Twitter account capitalized on the “red flag” meme by tweeting “investment is not for everyone”, adding a red flag emoji to convey a toxic opinion.

The tweet did not land with many of its target audience, as many retail voices were annoyed with Robinhood, citing his recent legal debates and generally ridiculing solidarity efforts with the Reddit Riders movement.

Finally, the tweet reminds me of a different meme:

A similar tweet apparently landed for GameStop, though, which put the meme up for a more popular effect:

“1v1” is a popular word among gamers that refers to the challenge of fighting. Gamestop was trading near its intraday high when the tweet landed.

But Memville didn’t have all the sunshine.

Kos Corporation Kos, Headphones Manufacturer
Tuesday’s Manic Ultra-Late rally closed about 3% on the day after the rally, down about 5% on the afternoon, but is still locking in some gains from speculation that Apple Inc. will win its patent lawsuit with AAPL.

Another meme ticker whose day was bad was Datchat Inc.
Which fell about 27% on Wednesday. The stock rose more than 100% of social media speculation that the company would conclude a deal with Barstol Sports, but when many speculated that the deal would be an acquisition, it was found that Datchat would pay Barstol “a low seven-figure” fee across Barstol properties. To launch “a multi-channel, national marketing campaign”.

But scrambling an Italian ice is like a baby, when for many meme traders the best part of Wednesday came when A sketch report has been published Twitter said it was inspired by political hostility towards Ken Griffin, the founder of the SEC’s current investigation firm into the retail-investor Arkanemi Fortress.

We will definitely talk more about this on Thursday.

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