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Press release. Blockchain which provides an environment of security, transparency and traceability is an innovative technology that applies to a wide variety of life activities. For Africa, it is an opportunity to evolve and change. SimbCity – The SimbCoin Swap project, a solution for real estate and finance, is impacting the African market with the power of blockchain technology.

The project can be seen as two parts that complement each other, for the real estate part, there are symbiosity projects that focus on the development of the African tourism industry. In Africa, it is currently receiving more than 63 million visitors each year, and this number is expected to grow even larger by 2027, which will be 110 million surprises. The SimbCity project focuses on real estate located in popular tourist areas of Africa, such as Kribi, to ensure that it selects the best locations for each department with minimal cost and reliability of delivery.

For the financial part, there is a token called Symbcoin Swap (SMBSWAP), which is based on the ERC20 system from Ethereum. It offers a new and unique way to invest in the crypto field, generates rewards from real luxury markets like real estate and is combined by eco-sustainable energy and an extraordinary form of BTC crypto-mining.

The total supply of SMBSWAP tokens is 150 million (i.e. 150,000,000 SMB SWAP), 60% of which is for private sale, and 40% for public sale, investors can now buy SMBSWAP on LBank exchange, and also provided a special stacking event, investors LBank can enjoy 20% APY without locking in the exchange, earning interest which will be settled by just holding SMBSWAP token per day.

Supported by GIT

The founder of Global Investment Trading (GIT), crypto-millionaire Emil Perfayet was founded in May 2017 following the success story of SIMB. It is a business development center as well as a private crypto investment fund.

In 2018, the company launched new projects such as e-commerce, trading platforms and numerous investments in the livestock sector, agriculture, catering and real estate. In 2019, with success and continued growth, GIT has launched a project called Lieplimal Africa Tour which has confirmed the presence of 24 e-commerce sites in 24 African countries and Madagascar (Limarket Mada), Dubai (LiPortal) and Cameroon (Limarket).

Today, GIT consists of more than 8,000 crypto-investors, members in more than 55 countries around the world, 7 representative head offices, an association charitable organization (Audet Lieplimal Association), 3 e-commerce sites (Limarket Cameroon, Limarket Mada,). Liportal), a trading platform (SIMTREX), a recruitment platform (Workoo), a restaurant (Liyeplimal restaurant), an exchange currency (Liyeplimal Money), an agricultural farm, a driving school center and a crypto ecosystem (SimbCoin Swap).

The beginning of adventure

GIT has already proven in its portfolio that all successful projects and products it contains and manages. But it is still just the beginning of the adventure, a collaboration with Cameroon State Vision has led to the launch of the SymbCity project in the seaside town of Kribi and the introduction of the SimbCity swap to raise funds for SimbCity with innovative blockchain technology.

Also, by being listed on trading platforms including LBank Exchange, SMBSWAP tokens can now reach users from all over the world, helping the project to attract more attention and further expand its global market. SimbCoin Swap is set to make a bigger impact in Africa and finally reach the goal of a secure, prosperous and sustainable future.

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