Wild card chaos? Five-team tie two AL spots possible

We could see some pandemonium in the AL postseason movie.
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With just six days left in the MLB regular season, the AL Wild Card race is tougher than Batman’s tights. Five teams, all in four and a half games. Such races are made of dreams. We even got a few series between the teams involved. Just as Major League Baseball designed it, so it is perfectly lined! To make things even more fulfilling, if all the cards fell accordingly, we could see a five-team tie for the two wild-card spots. Here’s how it can happen.

The New York Yankees have to go 1-5 in their last six games. They got a three-game set with AL East champions Tampa Bay Race and the Toronto Blue Jays to finish the season. The Rays are very close to gaining home-field advantage throughout the AL playoffs. Their magic number is only one to secure the top seed of AL, i.e. for seed No. 1 they need a win or an astros rate for the rest of the season. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine a scene where the Yankees are swept away by Tampa Bay. Baseball has a popular phrase called “Just Clinched Lineup”. It’s a lineup where every day beginners all get a holiday because their team only got a division or post season berth the day before. If the Tampa Bay have nothing more to go on their season finale, they will probably rest for the season after their start, which will give the Yankees a great chance to secure the top AL wild card spot.

If the Yankees are swept away by Tampa after performing some miracle, the door will remain open for Blue J and Red Sox. Boston has to go 2-4 for this to happen. Although they have the best chance of a 0-0 goal, as their ultimate opponents are the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals, two teams that have nothing but pride to play at the moment. Although baseball is considered one of the most volatile sports in existence, and two out of three wins from either team, no matter how much the Red Sox have to play in the final week of the regular season, they will probably come out all the stops to stomp the Nats and O in the ground.

For a five-team tie to work, the Blue Jays have the biggest role to play. They have to go 3-3, but more importantly, they have to take two of the three from the New York Yankees. That’s the important part, and it actually seems to be very effective. The Blue Joyce went 10–6 against the Bronx Bombers this season, and the Blue Joyce took two of the Yankees in three of their five series. The other two series have seen the Blue Jays float home (But not in Toronto), And the Yankees’ four-game broom in New York. Toronto must drop two of the three in the final series of the season against the Baltimore Orioles … it’s going to be even harder. The Orioles have won just one three-match series in September (September 3-5 @ NYYAnd only two series since the beginning of August. They are the worst team in baseball, and no matter how much they have to play for Toronto, I doubt they will give Baltimore a place to breathe.

The other two teams involved are the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics, who started their three-game series last night as the Mariners took their first game in the 13-4 final. To reveal a five-way tie, athletics must win every match for the rest of the season. It’s harder than it sounds. The rest of the game on the team schedule is on the road, and they don’t just face the Mariners, to whom they belong Directly lost 10, But the Houston Astros, against whom they have gone 7-9 this season. Auckland has a tough road ahead, and the best they can expect at the moment is a tie and play-in game for Wild Card Berth.

The Mariners will have to drop their next two against A, and then beat the Angels in their final series. Although the Mariners have dominated the Angels this season, going 10-6 against their SoCal rivals, the Mariners have Never shake the angels. They’ve taken two of the three or shared a set of four-games each time, so not being able to play shouldn’t be considered a big obstacle when sweeping a team, the Mariners haven’t been able to do it yet.

If everything on my list goes well, the five teams listed will end up with a 90-72 record and I could die a happy man. However, the question still remains, what will the MLB do if five teams finish the regular season? It’s not like the NFL where there are predefined tiebreakers, such as head-to-head records, especially to avoid these situations. There is a strict arrangement for If all three teams are finished for wild card spots, Involving the team with the best record by choosing one of three options to determine how tiebreaker games unfold. It’s already more complicated than Inception’s plot, but five teams ?! It’s just irrational. MLB has something for even one Four-team tie, But they can never predict a five-way tie. It is very impossible.

So, what if five teams tie for two wild card spots? I couldn’t tell you. Even Major League Baseball doesn’t know what they’re going to do, and it makes me want to do more of this five-way tie, only to see the MLB put together some similarities to a plan that hasn’t been fully integrated before and entirely for one or two teams. It would be legendary, and would probably push the postseason back more than a few days, and hey, that just means more baseball, which is never the worst thing in my book.

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