Why the study in the vicinity of the police ban is now under trial

The San Diego study finds it impossible to know the exact number of prison deaths investigated, as it has been used to ensure that such cases never reach the courtroom. A joint investigation by Minneapolis and Denver news stations has counted more than 113 police-prone deaths since 2010, costing taxpayers million 1 million in unjustified death payments. Criminal charges against officials in such cases are extremely rare.

But just as deadly police encounters are increasingly scrutinized, so is the growing chorus of research experts arguing that it is flawed and that it has been widely applied. Studies cannot replicate the pressures and violence of a true police operation, and critics say they fail to take into account physical vulnerabilities, including drug use, obesity, and pre-existing health conditions, which are being subdued.

On Thursday, a leading medical journal published a new study that found that deadly police violence is often incorrectly classified, as medical examiners identify other causes for deaths in police custody.

Some critics of this restrained study had hoped that Mr Influence’s death would be shattered after the trial of Derek Chauvin’s murder earlier this year. Mr Chauvin’s lawyers tried to use the study to bolster their defenses, but the prosecution’s star expert witness dismissed it as “extremely misleading”, citing the officers’ position and weight. Explains in detail what forced Floyd to fight for air. Mr. Chauvin was convicted.

The head of the cardiology department at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, California, and the author of a recent research paper, Dr. Prone to restraint and cardiac arrest. But San Diego studies continue to confuse officials who believe the strategy is safe, he said, and have given the legal system a way to justify their actions.

“People are dying all the time, and we’re not doing anything about it,” said Dr. Steinberg, who has served as a consultant in cases against police officers, said “I want to shout this out to everyone: let’s stop it now.”

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