Why Bitcoin vs. SAT Denomination

Bitcoin is divided into eighth decimal places. These sub-units are called “satoshi” or simply “sats”. A Satoshi 0.00000001 BTC. Unfortunately it is impossible to read for small sat values. And over time, we all hope that Bitcoin will continue to appreciate to the point where small SAT-dominated transactions will become the norm. So I’m usually on the #SatsTheStandard team; Instead of 0.00001042 btc, we can display instead:

1,042 rate

But to a large extent we have the opposite problem. Consider setting up a transaction for 615,395,023 SAT! At a glance, did I just type 61 BTC, 6.15 BTC or 0.61 BTC? I really don’t want to be off by a factor of ten here! If I slow down and concentrate a little and remember that 1 BTC is 100,000,000 SAT, carry the decimal place and … Ah, 6.15 BTC! But I find it frustrating to move so many values ​​when even a little extra effort has to be spent. Not good.

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