Who won the Minecraft Championship (MCC) 18?

Saturday, October 23, 2021 – The Minecraft Championship ended with a heavy hand win for 18 Team Mustard Mummy (a combination of Tubo, Smudge, Dream and Sylvie).

The Minecraft Championship (“MCC”) is a series of monthly events that give tough competitors the opportunity to test their teamwork as well as various skills in Minecraft. The event consists of eight minigames, each testing their playing skills in their own field, such as parkour, building or player-versus-player combat.

Ten teams of four competitors will fight through minigames and each advancing activity will earn a high coin multiplier for the winning points in that particular game.

The Minecraft Championship was themed after 18 October. To match the aesthetics of Halloween, several spooky changes were made to the hub, minigame maps and even team mascots.

Team Mustard Mummies have won the Minecraft Championship 18

The Minecraft Championship ended with an irresistible victory over 18 Team Mustard Mummy (which includes: Tubbo, Smazer, Dream and Sylvie). The winning team scored quite well throughout the event, so it was no surprise that they reached the final activity, the witchbolt.

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Tim Lime Lychees was the second party to do it in the final activity. The strong team fought hard and convinced the audience for a moment that they would break the winning streak of Team Mustard Mummy.

Alas, the team mustard mummy eventually emerged victorious. The winning team earned more than a thousand coins more than the second-placed team, ensuring their total win in both the final activity and the total coins at the end of the event.

Here are the final team positions for the Minecraft Championship 18:

1st: Team Mustard Mummy (21661)

2nd: Tim Lime Leachs (20204)

  • G. Nellie
  • Illumina
  • Captain Puffy
  • Fundy

3rd: Tim Cyan Centipede (19373)

  • Captain Sparklez
  • Ranbu
  • Wilbur Suite
  • Snagsnag

4th: Tim Orange Ozes (18138)

5th: Tim Fuchsia Frankenstein (17584)

  • Speed
  • awesamdude
  • Dreams
  • GeorgeNotFound

6th: Tim Blue Banchis (1855)

  • Imprisonment
  • 5 up
  • Parliamentary Moon
  • Petzahut

7th: Team Aqua Abominations (16250)

  • Spontaneously
  • AntFrost
  • Clang
  • Vigumiho

8th: Team Red Ravens (14734)

  • Tominit
  • Ph1LzA
  • Whisp
  • Jack Manifold

9th: Team Violet Vampire (14320)

  • Theorian Sound
  • Sipikaye
  • Smiliesbins
  • Solidarity

10th: Tim Green Goblins (13293)

  • Grian
  • Nihachu
  • HBomb94
  • GeminiTay

Illumina won the individual crown at the Minecraft Championship 18

The event will also crown the individual team that won the championship as well as an individual winner. This person will have to collect more coins on their own than any other participant in the event, regardless of the group alliance.

Kai “Illumina,” claims the crown as the individual winner of the Minecraft Championship 18. He has collected more than three hundred coins than second-place finisher Nick “Sapnap”.

Here are the final individual positions for the Minecraft Championship 18:

1st: Illumina (3486)

2nd: Dreams (3181)

3rd: Dreams (3008)

4th: Bunch (2696)

5th: Fundy (2682)

6th: Tubbo (2679)

7th: Smajor (2660)

7th: GeorgeNotFound (2579)

9th: Krtzyy (2571)

10th: AntFroast (2551)

11th: Captain Sparklez (2531)

12th: Sneegsnag (2504)

13th: PeteZahHutt (2454)

14th: Ranboo (2429)

15th: Mefs (2390)

16th: Sylvie (2317)

16th: TapL (2192)

18th: Wilbur Suite (2170)

19th: TommyInnit (2157)

20th: 5up (2155)

21st: Pearlescent Moon (2130)

22nd: Captain Puffy (1934)

23rd: CPK (1846)

24th: Solidarity (1829)

25th: HBomb94 (1791)

26th: Whisp (1771)

26th: Grian (1751)

26th: G. Nellie (1747)

29th: Smallishbeans (1731)

30th: Ph1LzA (1723)

31st: TheOrionSound (1645)

32nd: Shovel (1630)

33rd: Vigumiho (1627)

34th: Speed ​​(1623)

35th: GizzyGazza (1589)

36th: awesamdude (1589)

37th: Karakarvas (1582)

38th: Geminite (1545)

39th: Jack Manifold (1544)

40th: Nihachu (1194)

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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