Who wears the podcast: Natalie Imbruglia

Let’s talk about the author’s block. So I had the author block in case of working on a book or an article. This is a version of it. What is it like for you? What is the writer’s block as an artist? And then how do you get through it?

I think at first, I didn’t even admit to myself that this was happening. I had a really traumatic experience spending five years working on a project. It was when all the record companies were folding, and I was getting inherited by new people, and everyone was trying to change me and the album changed at three different times. Then finally, I signed the island record, and I had three Coldplay co-written on this album, and then they stopped it. They left me. I think it has only been released in Australia and New Zealand. I was, you know, the universe telling me something. I’m not supposed to do that. So I gave up. I had some breakdowns. I went to Australia. I was the judge X factor For a year, I went to America and studied acting, and I really thought I’d work with music. Really, I really did. Even when I signed another record deal, the cover album, which I created because I wanted to do the original material. But looking back, I don’t think I could have written an original-instrumental album at the time. I think I was still dealing with a lot more insecurity and fear.

I had a fun experience with a guy named Ronnie Hart, who came down from Scotland to write with me. I could not sing a note. I was kind of saying, “Should we have coffee?” It was the most traumatic experience. I didn’t try again for a long time after that, because it was too scary. It was traveling Men That album I reconnected with my fans. As much as I love singing to others, it reminds me that my fans really want to hear what I have to say, and there’s nothing like singing your own truth, singing your own story. So I just thought, I hate it for me and my fans. Baby steps. I just told my management, “I want you to give me at least 10 days, songwriting sessions.” I had to be brave because there had to be songs that I didn’t like, and there were tears and everything. The song “When You Love So Much” is the first. I wrote other amazing songs in Nashville. But this one, it was about conversation, heart opening I was with a colleague. The fact that we held the heartbreak we were both going through this song in a special tune my most of my songs are about love, but there are so many different ways to talk about love – the fact that we nailed it, it’s almost like therapy for me, because You like it, I figured it out. So that was a turning point.

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