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You’re also sorting out Dan Levy, which is very exciting. As huge Sheets Creek Fans, it’s great to see you two working together. Apparently, she loved fashion and was involved with clothing and styling for the show. I’m curious how your process works with that. Similar to how you work with other clients? Is it different? And of course, we have to talk about how you thought about Met for that.

Dan is an incredible collaborator because he loves fashion. He is very melodious, and he has such knowledge. So our process is a little different. It feels a little more edited. With other clients, we may have an idea, and maybe I can send them some pictures, but they don’t want to be fully involved. They believe me. It will just come in fitting. But Dan has such true love [fashion] That’s really fun. I don’t know, because he has a lot to do with writing, directing, acting, managing all of these things and he has an eyeglass company. He can streamline things very well. It’s kind of refreshing if you know someone is happy with what’s coming. Then, you don’t have to stress. She did a lot of costumes on the show above all else. So to move into the red carpet world, these were all so exciting because everybody with an outpouring of love for everyone Sheets Creek, Which deserves very well – it’s really nice to get to know the PR guy and the people who are dressing you up (he already knows the brands).

FOr Matt, he’s going with Cartier, which is pretty funny. This is great because you have designers up to a certain degree. Since Dan is a true lover of fashion, it seemed we should try and re-represent both what the right brand would be. He wears loincloths. Jonathan [Anderson’s] Remember, they are the same in terms of their wide knowledge in different subjects and cultures of the industrial world and everything. Was before Lexicon, American freedom was through the theme and what freedom means to you. Artist [of the outfit], This is an artist who has custom printed in Loewe silhouette. I’ll let him do the talking point on the carpet so he can do justice. Then, I think we’re going to put on some Cartier diamond necklaces and some rings so that it becomes a bit blurry.

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