Who Wears Podcast: Nicole Chavez

In my opinion, celebrity stylists don’t get enough credit for all the behind-the-scenes work to create looks for their clients. Sure, you can see pretty good results on the red carpet, but did you know how many pounds of clothing had to be cut around the bag, how many buttons had fallen off disappointingly, and how many had to be changed to achieve? Looking? Well, celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez, for one, is fully aware of the blood, sweat and tears needed to do this job.

In this week’s Who What Wear With Hillary Kerr podcast, Chavez reveals interesting information about how the red carpet is assembled. Of course, we took the opportunity to ask Chavez his expert opinion about the best trends of the season. Read on for a glimpse of some of our favorite moments and listen to the podcast for the full interview.

I want to stop talking about autumn and winter trends. What are some of the biggest trends you are noticing?

So I’m obviously wearing a very brightly colored sweater today so I’m going to start with the color. Obviously, the last year and a half has been tough for a lot of people and I’m all about mood-enhancing clothing. I think color is going to be all this autumn and winter. And I like it because it’s a time where people usually wear darker tones, but I think this season you’re going to see a lot of bright, fun moments and a lot of fun color-blocking combos. I’m obsessed with pink and red right now I like to mix these two together. I also love to see orange and green together I am also obsessed with yellow and purple. So I think it’s going to be a really fun season for color.

I will say that the next trend I am wearing and vibrating too much is quilted puffer. I’m in very functional outerwear. It’s like wearing a blanket coat in the earth. And so I’m all about comfort. And to me, it’s really effective. I have kids so it’s just like deleting that thing and keeping it moving. I also like the large puffer vibe ratio. I like to be comfortable and snugged into something of sorts. So I’m excited about that.

Also, again, I wore chunky knits. I’m all about knitwear this season. I like it in the two-piece set I see; I love dresses it. I’m always looking at everything and taking in everything, but leather is a trend that I see everywhere in street style and I’m all about it. And I’m excited that it’s not just about leather pants or a leather moto jacket. It’s really about head-to-toe skin: leather tights, leather clothing, leather sets and colors. So I think we can have a lot of fun with leather this season.

You’ve also been instrumental in many of the incredible red carpet moments over the years that we’ve covered extensively with women like Kristen Bell and Jessica Simpson. Can we talk about some of them? Can you tell me the behind-the-scenes view of how they came together?

[Jessica Simpson’s book tour in early 2020] It was such a fun press tour. And it was just before the epidemic. Jess and I got together and thought about what this tour was going to be like. It’s a memoir, it’s about him and a new way to express yourself. And I felt like I wanted this tour to be strong, and I wanted it to be bold – really suitable suit, dark color, you know, very strong silhouette. It was really strong. It was really, really fun. It was a lot, a lot of fitting just because there was a lot of look. Jessica loves fashion so she went down to do what we need to do to fix it.

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