Who is Ain Roach? Check out the best celebrity looks from the stylist

From the red carpet to the carefully curated street style, celebrity costumes often become the catalyst of consumer fashion trends and even designers ’inspiration points. Behind the scenes, though, is a complete glam of admiration and a stylist whose job is to create this show stopping look. As far as game-changing celebrity stylists go, Chicago-born self-proclaimed “image architect” Law Roach deserves more than one height to watch, although he’s racked up with a star-studded client roster, you’re probably already paying attention.

Before becoming an art mogul, Roach first ran his own vintage boutique, where he said Fashionista, A client would feel free to direct her to meet the person who would become her biggest styling client, the then 14-year-old Zendaya. Fast forward 10 years, and Roach’s relationship with the actor is still getting stronger. “You know your worth and you’re doing a good job, and you’re kind to people,” Roach told Popsugar when we caught up with her at Fashion Week, where she was judging the Supima design competition. “It’s a passionate time. She’s worked extensively with Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Priyanka Chopra, Tiffany Hadish and many more. The stylist is credited with redefining Celine Dion’s image.” I don’t style many streets, “says Law. , 2016 reflects Dion’s various outfits during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, “But I discovered street style with Celine Dion in Paris.”

Nowadays, you’ll be under a lot of pressure to find a high-profile magazine missing the work of Lund Roach because he’s styled everything from Gendarme Enjoy the British Cover, for Halsey Greed, For Christian Serratos She. Long story short, Chicagoan has only styled the covers of 12 magazines this year, and if we talk about impressive achievements, he styled a total of 10 clients in one night for this year’s Met Gala. As we have seen, none of them were Zendaya, who came out of the annual event this year, but broke the law that fans would see several new faces that she is styling. Moreover, the genius of the law has pushed him out of his styling role. He sat as the judge for Bicycle 23 alongside Ashley Graham and Rita Ora America’s next best model, And is currently a judge at HBO Max Legend. In 2016, Roach added “Designer” to her resume, joining Zendaya as co-creative director of her now-shaking shoe and apparel line, kindly Zendaya, later working with the actor to help design her fall 2019 Zendaya X Tommy Hilfiger collab. Collection before

The recognition that Roach has gained access to, so it’s not uncommon for his clients to wander into fresh-of-the-runway pieces (see: Gendarme’s recent Alana Moment), but since Roach is an alcoholic lover, you may find them hard to find, often archival pieces. From his own stash. It is this blend that makes every look on her face look fresh and exciting and it is not surprising that law clients trust her enough to take fashion risks. Ahead, a trip down the memory lane of some of Roach’s best-made outfits here, from last week’s Met Gala to the moment of the 2010s, will thank you for taking us out of our archives.

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