Who bought Mimi? – ‘Sex Education’ is the story of Ruby actress

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Maybe there were very few fans Sex education Mordel resident means you are expecting the season to fall in love with daughter Ruby Mathews. Yes, our favorite hero, Otis (Asha Butterfield) fell under his spell, but Otis can be a little emotional, right? Yet his instincts proved impeccable when Ruby emerged from the finals as one of the highlights of the season, a ridiculous and versatile character no longer defined by his snowballs or shallow comments. This development is entirely thanks to actress Mimi Kinney, one of the most neglected talents in Netflix drama to date – so far.

“I’m thrilled with this new element to Ruby, in the sense that you find out a lot more about her courage, ‘I’m perfect. Everything in my life is brilliant. I’m better than you,'” Kane explained in an interview. Glamor. “Otis helps him open up.”

But as an actress, it’s Keane’s own insight that turns Ruby, once a foil for Mayweather (Emma Mackey) ’s deadpan intellectual, into a love interest in amazing emotional resonance. As he wanders around the 8th episode, his relationship with Otis বা or rather his lack thereof একটি is one of the most heartbreaking developments of the season. As for the 23-year-old rising star talking about bubbling, here’s what you should know about his growing career.

Sam Taylor / Netflix

Kane was born and raised in southern England.

Now the London-based actress has spent her entire life in England, but she grew up in Hertfordshire, a county just north of the capital. The area is home to more than a million people, and is perhaps best known for the landmark St. Albans Cathedral, one of the area’s most stunning architectural features, dating back to the 11th century – and probably founded in the 8th century.

He attended the Italia County Academy of Theater Arts.

Keene attended the famous London Performing Arts School, which has been in business for 110 years from 200 years to 2014-2014.

Her acting debut was at the Royal Court Theater.

The Sex education The star made her professional debut in 2010 Relatives, Writing about a girls boarding school in the 1990s. Guardian Theater critic Michael Billington called the plot “one of the best arguments I’ve ever received for state education.”

Keene plays 10-year-old Jenny, a satirical Ruby-Lite character with a rather disturbing rape sequence. Billington writes of the performance: “Mimi Kinney as Jenny and Sierra Southwood as Mimi, seen by Annette Badland as an appreciative teacher, are incredibly good.”

He first drew attention to his role EastEnders.

From 2013 to 2015, Kane accelerated his rise with a performance from the beloved (and infamous) British soap opera EastEnders. She played Cindy Williams, a character that was first introduced in 1998 and played by four different actresses in 17 years. The character was best known for a story where she became pregnant at the age of 14 and later for her suspicious involvement in a murder case. After all, without this trope it wouldn’t be a soap opera!

Mimi Kane as Ruby Matthews in Episode 6 of Sex Education Season 3

Sam Taylor / Netflix

She and Ruby have one thing in common: they both like to dress up.

Keene admits that she and Ruby don’t share too much in personality traits, but they keep a sharp eye on fashion, especially when it comes to dressing in unusual places. “I like to wear dresses and heels in very inappropriate places, which Rubio likes to do,” Ken said. “It’s probably one of the funniest parts of his game, and this season is no different. She has some incredible costumes. ”

Her real life dog appeared Sex education season tu 3.

If you fall in love with Ruby’s dog – whom she obviously keeps in her locker throughout the school day – you’ll be glad to know the actress’s real-life dog friend, Baby, portrayed herself in the series.

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“I’ve been trying to land him in a role for the last three years, and he’s landed it this season,” Keane said. Glamor, I’ll tell you later RadioTimes, “I am a proud mother. I’ve been trying to bring him in since the first season – I was, slowly, slowly, bringing him with me every day, giving everyone a chance to get to know him.

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