WHO announces committee to investigate Kovid-1 pandemic outbreak

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced two proposed members of an advisory committee aimed at conducting studies on the origin of the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic and other pathogens of epidemic potential.

The Scientific Advisory Group for the Origins of Novel Pathogens (SAGO) has identified the latest attempt by the World Health Organization to launch a coronavirus epidemic nine months after sending experts to China. In March, the WHO released Of Report Regarding the origin of the coronavirus, the research team considered zoonotic transmission to be “most likely” the origin of the initial spread after listing contacts through intermediate hosts and “extremely unlikely” through laboratory events.

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Overall, without a definitive decision on how the virus entered the human population, the team of international experts “called for an ongoing scientific and collaborative approach to tracing the origin of Covid-1.” ”

“The emergence of new viruses with the potential for epidemics and the spread of epidemics is a fact of nature, and when SARS-CoV-2 is the latest such virus, it will not end,” said WHO Director-General Dr. , Said in a statement issued on Wednesday. “Understanding where new pathogens come from is essential to prevent future outbreaks with epidemics and epidemic potentials and requires extensive expertise.”

The WHO noted that dozens of proposed members were selected from a pool of more than 700 applications. Among the 2 members, others have expertise in “Epidemiology, Animal Health, Ecology, Clinical Medicine, Virology, Genomics” etc.

“We are very pleased with the qualifications of the experts selected for Sago around the world and look forward to working with them to make the world safer,” Tedros said.

The WHO will have a two-week public consultation period to seek views on the proposed SAGO members, and procedures will be set for its first meeting after the consultation period.

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In its capacity as an advisory body to the WHO, Sago will advise the organization on the development of a global framework to define and guide the source of emerging and re-emerging pathogens of epidemics and epidemics, as well as advise and study WHO issues.

In addition, the Committee will provide information and feedback to the WHO Secretariat to assist in the formulation of Sago’s detailed action plan.

In light of the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, SAGO will provide the WHO Secretariat with an independent evaluation of all available scientific and technological results from global research and advise the WHO Secretariat on the next series of developments, monitoring and support, according to the release.

Sago will provide “quick advice” on the WHO’s effective plans for the implementation of the next series of global research on the origin of SARS-Cove-2, described in a March report. Lastly, at the request of the WHO SAGO Secretariat, the Committee will provide additional advice and assistance to the WHO, including the study of the source of SARS-COV-2 or other emerging pathogens in future WHO-international missions.

Reuters reported that the WHO launched requests for applications last August and September.

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A public list of proposed members provided by the WHO shows that a core team of 10 international experts is on the committee, including Dutch virologist Marion Kupmans, Danish epidemiologist Thea Fischer, British epidemiologist John Watson, Russian researcher Vladimir Pedagen, and Russian researcher Vladimir Dedkon. Epidemiologist Elmobash Farag.

Any future investigation in China could prove difficult, as the country has repeatedly said it considers an investigation into the origin of the Covid-1 there.

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