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Today, White Labs team outlined a method for distributing a non-fungible-token (NFT) stack in a multi-chain decentralized blockchain ecosystem that seems “intelligent.”

White, using a DAG laser structure. It is a universal dApp platform that can support a set of smart contracts, each of which is an independent state and a state apparatus with different operational logic, which can communicate through message delivery.

In addition, White Labs is currently hosting a hackathon, and building an NFT platform is one of the prizes (VITE Token Prize $ 7500). So far, there is still time to participate.

Recommended stack


Each set of NFTs (e.g., CryptoPunks) is represented by a smart contract. A new contract needs to be set up to create a new NFT set. Minting each new item (e.g., Punk # 1234) requires a call to a function in this agreement. The agreement stores a mapping between the owner’s address and some metadata for the NFT item. Metadata may include item names, descriptions, and an IPFS link.


IPFS is being used to provide decentralized storage for NFT items. More information about IPFS is available here (frankly, this document also covers NFT mining in Ethereum, which is not relevant in this case).


The owner of an NFT item can call a function in the NFT Smart Agreement to make the necessary changes to the ownership table.

Trading / Auction

Can be applied as a function in an exchange agreement between a Vite-native asset (e.g., $ VITE) and an NFT item. A user can send funds when calling this function to affect a payment transaction. This function will be the building block for the trading and auction function of the NFT platform.


Users log in to a web app with White Connect and have their digital content resolved from an IPFS link in their own relevant NFT.

“Note that this is a very simple procedure. For example, it does not take into account Ethereum’s ‘Authorization’ function described in EIP-1155 which allows another operator to manage its tokens. . ”
– White Labs Team

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