What will happen if panic spreads on social media?

In his new book Technology Panic: Why We Shouldn’t Fear Facebook And The Future, Robbie Sowews questions conventional wisdom that social media represents an unprecedented threat to the well-being of America’s youth.

“I think there’s been a lot of panic about social media that’s inconsistent with the actual damage.” Gexi’s Geeks Guide Podcast. “A lot of it is hyperball; Much of it is unruly. “

He said the current tensions on social media were reminiscent of the way politicians talked about video games. Destiny And Mortal combat Back in the 90s. “What was said about video games 20 years ago is not true – they don’t encourage violence, they don’t turn young people into school shooters,” he says. “And I wonder if 10 or 20 years from now we will look back at this moral panic in the same way.”

Much has been done on the power of algorithms developed by Facebook and Google, which Soyev says recalls previous fears about the dangers of past advertising. “I like it when I’m on Facebook, I’m getting it [ads for] Black hole and dragon Goods instead of car advertisements, ”he said. “If I watch TV, I get car ads. I’m not going to buy a car. Not relevant to me. I could move faster through them. On Facebook I see things that I can actually like. That’s a good thing. “

From Donald Trump and Senator Josh Howley to President Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren, everyone is calling for new regulations and tech companies are taking fire from the political arena. Soeve said it would be a big mistake for politicians to exercise too much power over one of America’s most innovative industries. “Maybe for a lot of people, they go, ‘Well, if everyone in government wants it, it means it’s okay,’ when I go the other way – if everyone wants it, it’s definitely bad,” he said.

Listen to Robbie Sove’s full interview in episode 488 Gexi’s Geeks Guide (Above). And see some highlights from the discussion below.

Robbie Sove On Black hole and dragon:

“Right now I am [dungeon mastering] Two groups, and I’m playing in one-third, even though it’s an end and I think they’re taking my character to a different group. So I have a lot of overlap between different worlds and characters. It’s a lot of fun… because I write for a liberal magazine, my primary group is very liberal in the way they play. The other team goes a little further to the right. The main difference I noticed is that the team that moves to the right kills the fighting and everything they encounter, and kills the characters that come with me, where the libertarians want to talk to them – or exchange things – out of everyone’s situation. They will avoid war at any cost. ”

About Robi Sove Cancellation Culture:

“I’ve written a lot about being attacked or criticized for what people call ‘false culture’, or I’ve done something that was somehow sensitive or offensive, but they haven’t killed anyone – it shouldn’t be the end of their lives. … It is very strange, especially for progressive leftists, who often believe in criminal justice reform, which I support – the idea that formerly imprisoned people should be able to lead normal lives, and be able to get jobs again, and You don’t have to ask about their prison conditions – you can be forgiven. Which I totally agree with, but then someone probably said something racist at the age of 15, and you found the tweet, should they never be hired again? I don’t understand it. “

Robi Sov in the media:

“The villains in my book are really the mainstream media and New York Times In particular … you can go back in time, and with every discovery, especially in the place of communication, you can be absolutely terrified of them … New York Times, By the magazine, as a contestant. “

Robbie Sove in Silicon Valley:

“Silicon Valley culture has become somewhat hostile to innovation, and it has left people [California]. My point was to bring it up, let’s not repeat it nationally. The anti-tech rhetoric from everyone in Congress is so fair. They’re using social media like Big Tobacco right now – we’ve heard it over and over again. But big tobacco has killed millions of people, even the most serious allegations against Instagram, no one thinks it killed hundreds of people. So this is a ridiculous comparison. This kind of anti-knee technology attitude coming from policy makers and lawmakers does not serve our country well, does not serve our society well and does not serve innovation well.

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