What to wear now: 32 Instant Grails available right now

Slippers, 665, by John Lob.

12. Luxe House Shoes

Bag, 11,010, by Gucci.

13. Major Minaudier

Alessandro Michelle has already sold mankind with the idea of ​​Gucci Purse (with the help of Harry style). What next? A bejeweled physiological evening bag.

Sweater, 1,250, Marnier.

14. Deconstructed jumper

Vase, $ 270, by Nalta Nalta.

15. Handmade vase

Loafers, $ 470, of Toga Verilis.

16. Yeho Loafers

Yasuko Furuta’s footwear line incredibly adorns the forms with Badas Wild West hardware.

Chair, 2,200, by Owl at Buy-Right Studio.

17. La Pepino Chair

Suit, 2,370, by Jojchen.

18. Belted cord suit

Shirt, 690, by Salvatore Ferragamo.

19. Party shirt

Bracelet, from above: 5,950, by Mateo; $ 24,000, by Jacob & Co.

20. Tennis Bling

Quote, 6,210, by Canali.

21. Shearling peacock

Pants, 1,045, Brunello Cucinelli.

22. Double-plate wells

Bracelet, from above: 17,500, by Tiffany & Company; $ 1,375 by Hermes; $ 2,090, by Chrome Hearts (store only)

23. Silver Link

With the resurgence of Tiffany, the enduring quality of Hermes and the ruthlessness of Chrome Hearts, there is a luxurious sterling link for every fashion taste nowadays.

Shoes, 340, by needle.

24. Badass Clogs

This season the needle, which is already one of the main carriers of actually cool clogs, pays homage to techno punks who cut the skin off the toes of their steel-bound docks.

Sunglasses, $ 325, Nanushka.

25. The shadow of the tortoise

Lamp, 2,450, by Danny Kaplan Studios.

26. A lamp is our choice

Jammet, 4,990, by Tom Ford.

27. Velvet Bomber

Sunglasses, 670, by Jacques Mary Mag.

28. Metal frame

Jeans, 1,290, by Amiri.

29. Drug-back jeans

Mike Amiri, king of ball-tight denim, is making the post-skinny-jean future easier.

See, 169,000, by Hubblet.

30. Orange Sapphire Tourbillon

Created by Hublot’s engineering wizards, the synthetic sapphire that shows the enchanting movement of the Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic is as durable as any metal.

Shorts, 1,450, by Loewe.

31. Fleece Stoner Shorts

Shirt, 1,595, Emporio Armani.

32. Chanel Polo

A version of this story was originally published in GQStyle Fall / Winter 2021 under the title “What to Wear Now”.

Production Credit:
Photo by Martin Brown
Prop Stylist: Dustin Hobbs And Melody duet At Mark Edward Inc.

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