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The cold wind at night and the fall of an orange leaf or two, it could not be more clear: the holidays are almost upon us. As a kid, it meant we were free to bother our parents about wish lists and hot chocolates, but now, it means we’re going to empty our bank accounts to buy gifts for friends, family and those weird people who know better. Still expecting gifts. So that means finding deals is more important than ever.

This is why it should be headlined that Amazon, the greatest one-stop shop for all things beauty, is starting to celebrate with us. They have created a Holiday Beauty Hole event for the first time, with insane discounts on some of the most sought-after beauty gifts. We’re not just talking about stockpiling staffers, here are some luxury items you can give to a truly grateful gift giver or, you know, keep to yourself. For our beauty lovers, this is our new Prime Day. Buy our favorite items from the sale below.


Grandlips Hydrating Lip Plumper

When to shop: Now

You’re on the fence about getting fillers, so check out how you want to look with super plumped lips with this lip product. It tingles in just the right way.


Beach club texture spray

When to shop: Now

Has your Costa Rica flight been canceled? Spray some of it on your hair, grab your bathing suit and let your Instagram followers know that you actually went on a beach vacation.


Dry styling collection

When to shop: Now

These three items are bestsellers all year round, but now they come in a discount kit to give to your best friend, mom, or your family hair lover.


Miracle Powder Beauty Sponge

When to shop: Now

Fun fact: Every time you buy a beauty sponge, you lose it after exactly two weeks. Prepare yourself for that loss by buying another sponge to blend all your makeup perfectly.


Super Lastras Lipstick

When to shop: Now

If you don’t wear glam lips to your work zoom holiday call, is it winter time? This set of Revlon is hydrating, juicy and everything you could ever ask for lipstick.


Total results Brass of nutritious conditioner

When to shop: Now

You want to take a beautiful picture in front of fresh snow this year, don’t you? But what is that? Is ruining your brass blonde highlight shot? This conditioner removes those annoying orange tones so that your hair becomes platinum again, blending perfectly with the snow on your back.


Vibes Kit Makeup Brush Gift Set

When to shop: Now

You’ve been using the same makeup brush since high school, and it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Not only are these four brushes perfect for completing every look, but they come in a glam bag which means you won’t forget them the next time you go on vacation.


Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette

When to shop: Now

Lady Gaga herself created this palette, which should tell you what you need to know. With a combo of cool and warm tones, you can make every eye look imaginative with this palette.


Park Ave Blowout Balm

When to shop: Now

If your New Year’s resolution is to have perfect hair every day, then it’s time to invest in some expert styling products. This balm not only helps remove the fridge from the equation, but it also speeds up the drying time so you can spend those extra hours taking selfies.


Miracle Curl Collection

When to shop: Now

Carl needs a lot of help to look their best, so the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season is a whole new set of curl-friendly products. From shampoos to styling products, this set has everything you need.


Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow

When to shop: Now

There is a difference between a clich and a classic. And I would be cursed if the shiny eyeshadow wasn’t always in style at the holiday party. These liquid shades are so attractive that you want to wear them day after year.


Nail Vy Strengthening Treatment

When to shop: Now

Before you glue your acrylics again, breathe a little into your hands with this strengthening treatment. After years of torture by peeling off the gel peel, at least you can do it to give them some nutrition.


Big bad face and eyeshadow palette

Revlon x Megan Thi Stallion

When to shop: Now

Hot Girl Winter is here, and it’s approved by Megan Thi Stallion. This eyeshadow and face palette is created by Megan and Revlon, and includes every shade you need to fab your holiday.


Define Damage Protective Mask

When to shop: Now

Have you enjoyed your Blonde Girl Summer? Well, you don’t have hair. Bleach, heat loss, even contamination will make your hair cry for help, so give some moisture and protection with this mask. Then you can do whatever you want in your hair in the new year.


Loose setting powder

When to shop: Now

In summer, the dew is beautiful and fresh. In winter, it can come as oily. So dab some of this setting powder so that the brilliance stays away and your makeup lasts at every party that you are forced to attend.


Full force plumping lipstick, mover

When to shop: Now Until 7th October

Put the syringe down, this lipstick will show you the injection material without vibrating sun on the lips. It’s so beautiful and flattering that you want to reapply it every two minutes.


Lash Blast Volume Mascara

When to shop: Now Until 7th October

Is there anything more exciting than trying a new mascara? This one from Covergirl is sure to make your lashes look fuller, longer, and more dramatic. Because family dinners always need extra levels of drama.


Epic Ink Liner

When to shop: 7th October

You’ve got your current liquid liner for 100 years, so it’s definitely time for an upgrade. A culture has followed this version of NYX and it is not difficult to see why. This makes the look of a cat’s eye an absolute breeze.


Black vanilla hair care gift set

When to shop: 7th October

Calling all the curly girls! This shampoo and conditioner combo is so appealing that you’ll be looking forward to day washing. It smells good enough to eat, and revives dry, brittle curls.


Michael’s Cleansing Water

When to shop: 7th October

You might be looking forward to putting on some holiday glam, but you’re probably not so excited to stop it. This makes micellar water makeup removal – even waterproof mascara – a complete breeze.


Tattoo Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

When to shop: 7th October

Where there is a smoky eye, there is probably a fire beauty look. This waterproof pencil is the only thing you need to get the look of your perfect grungy eyes. Glam it with some shiny shades, or wear it on yourself to scare your own city neighbors.


Protection 5300 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

When to shop: October 8th

You don’t actually start flushing in the new year, no matter what resolution you make. But maybe you can finally start using an electric toothbrush as your dentist is advising.


Tea tree skin clearing clay face mask

When to shop: October 8 – October 11

Breakouts are always stressful, but this mask can make it a little more fun. In addition to healing tea tree oil and cleansing the soil, enjoy a glass of wine when this mask zaps up any unwanted jit before the festival starts.


Hayalu B5 Pure hyaluronic acid serum

When to shop: October 8 – October 11

Winter means dry skin, which means you need to upgrade your skin care routine. This hyaluronic acid serum is Pick French Pharmacy Vibes, plus it will hydrate your skin when your heater explodes completely.


Lip moisturizer

When to shop: October 8 – October 11

Cracked lips are not just beautiful. Sorry! This year it may be a raging cuffing season, but there’s no excuse that your crush lets you look lip-smacking. Its little dab will make your lips kissable till spring.


24K Gold Mask

When to shop: October 8 – October 11

Your fine lines and wrinkles can annoy you, but with age comes a certain kind of glam that cannot be replicated. So really take a lift with this lift and a strong gold mask that will take you selfies all night long.


Cream Cheek Blush Buildable Blendable Blush

When to shop: October 8 – October 11

A culture favorite in the beauty world, this cream blush is one of the best shopping of all time. It comes in a range of buildable, flattering shades and always makes your skin look more beautiful.


Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumeizer

When to shop: 16 October

For bomb shell waves, this is the only product you need. Not only does it dry your hair in minutes, it will add incredible volume and smooth out any shaking without any hassle. Style, then go to Misleto where no one will find you irresistible.


Professional 1 ”Ceramic Flat Iron

When to shop: 16 October

For a smooth, winter style, this flat iron is the best tool for the job. This will make all hair types a very simple task instead of a mundane, tedious task.


Curling Iron

When to shop: 16 October

If you want to get some beach waves at home, this curling iron from ghd will help you in that goal. It not only has a heat setting so that you are protected from damage to your own hair, but the results are very fantastic to pass.


CURA hair dryer

When to shop: 16 October

Did you know that the arm workout you do every time you dry your hair? This hair dryer is so lightweight and yet so powerful that you can’t figure out how to live without it.

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