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Change Now: What Removes the Crypto Exchange Industry?

There are more than 6000 different cryptocurrencies in the crypto world, with a combined market cap of over ট্র 2 trillion. A bunch of cryptocurrency platforms have emerged to meet the need for the infrastructure needed to support digital currency exchanges, as investors around the world are eager to trade in this fast-growing space.

Anyone who wants to buy, trade or sell cryptocurrency, from crypto novices to professionals, must choose a cryptocurrency exchange platform that best meets their needs and goals. Since there are countless platforms on the market, and many more are emerging at the present time, the question is how to get out of the competition in a highly saturated industry?

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Coin, Mike Ermolive, PR of Crypto Exchange Platform ChangeO, explained which forces are driving the crypto exchange platform industry.

A non-custodial crypto service

ChangeNOW is a user-friendly platform for instant, unlimited and unregistered cryptocurrency exchanges, founded in 2017. Currently, about 320 currencies are available for exchange on the platform. Since the platform does not store non-safeguards and funds, users are safe from hacking and fraud.

Ermolaev explains that their priority is to create an ecosystem to provide customers with a wide range of services and tools. The company is currently working on ten different projects and is satisfied with the results of the Ermolive company.

Recently, ChangeNOW released Tracker, an official app for instant cryptocurrency exchange services. Tracker allows users to add any cryptocurrency to a single portfolio and monitor their rates automatically or manually on the go.

Since privacy is essential for the company, no personal information is collected or stored by the current tracker or any third party. All data is on a given user’s device, so only they can control it.

Ermolaev highlights that the next steps for the company will be scaling and enlarging the ecosystem. They have focused on releasing a wallet that allows their customers to store cryptocurrencies in a non-changing ecosystem.

Diversification of market demand

CoinMarketCap rates 302 top functional exchange platforms, where it does not create numerous exchange lists. Therefore finding spotlights in this saturated market and gathering a sufficient number of users can seem complicated.

However, Ermolaev believes that exclusively big players in the market are not the answer to innovation.

“Why does the crypto market need one more crypto exchange service? In my opinion, the demand of any market is diversity. If you only have one big service, it will not take the industry forward and only in competition and competition you can see the real steps,” Ermolive thought.

According to Ermolive, crypto is facing an important moment. Despite occasional price fluctuations, Ermolayev notes that the market is generally growing. Despite the protests and the associated risks, incidents of mass adoption such as the adoption of El Salvador as currency are emerging.

“It’s a precedent. We’ve been waiting for it for a long, long time, and it has happened. For example, you see the essential response. You see the official response of other governments like Cuba, for example, or some Central American states. It’s widely accepted and the future of crypto That’s why it’s essential, ”Ermolive insisted.

One of the great goals of the future for ChangeNOW is to make crypto widely accepted. Through the development of products and ecosystems towards becoming a bridge between crypto and fiat services through the collaboration of non-crypto fintech companies can be widely adopted.

On the reverse side

  • Since the crypto exchange market is highly saturated, ChangeNOW will have to fight for its spot in the light.
  • More prominent exchange platforms attract more users.
  • Data overload makes it difficult for customers to distinguish unique price offers from different crypto service providers.

Why should you care?

Different types of exchange platforms and competition take the crypto exchange industry forward. Change is also a non-custodial, registration-free exchange platform that puts the privacy and trust of their clients first.

Watch the full interview next week Here.

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