What is the best move for Butterfree in Pokemon GO?

Butterfree is one of the best known Pokemon, but is it any good at war?

Butterfree is certainly not known for his fighting skills. It is one of the many early game bug-types that developed rapidly but later fell into the original series of games. Many Pokemon Geo trainers create caterpillars for XP instead of just using butterfree.

This Pokমনmon, however, has an interesting moveset.

Pokemon Butterfree in War: What to use

Butterfree Bug Bite gets access to a great quick move. The only problem is that this move is a legacy move, so trainers will have to debate whether it is worth using an Elite TM otherwise, the way to go to Struggle Bug.

Struggle bugs are not a bad option, but bug bites are significantly better. Because this step only lasts half a second. Therefore, although it only damages Base 6, it actually ends up charging 12 dps as well as 12 dps.

Butterfree will definitely want to run a bug-type STAB charge move. Choosing between bug lightning and signal beams can be difficult. The energy consumption is slightly lower than the bug lightning of the signal beam. This is important for Butterfree because it is not very heavy (137 defense and 155 stamina), so it is difficult to live long enough to charge enough energy to run its charge.

The signal beam is less expensive in terms of power, although it is only by 5 units. To charge an extra 5 power, Butterfree gets significantly more powerful moves in the bug bug. It not only does more damage, but also has a 30% chance of reducing the opponent’s defense from one stage.

Butterfree’s move to another charge in his moveset is certainly emotional. Of course, this is the only other option, unless the trainers want to run a double bug-type charge move. Psyche has some good benefits for Butterfree though.

As a bug and flying Pokemon, Butterfree resists fighting-type maneuvers well. Therefore, with Psychic, Butterfree can deal with fighting-type Pokemon.

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