What happened to Drew Bladesor? To reconsider that hit that started Tom Brady’s career

It was no other hit.

There is trouble, there is injury. This is the nature of football.

But when Jets linebacker Mo Lewis drilled Drew Bladeso along the sidelines in 2001, it wasn’t just the end of the Bladeso era in New England – it was the catalyst that gave birth to a dynasty that would last two decades.

With Bladeso coming out of the game with a brutal injury, the team had little to say about Bladeso’s future because it was QB2 on the depth chart. Write Tom Brady, the Patriots sixth round pick from the 2000 NFL draft.

Brady will finish the game for the injured Bladesor, passing -10 for 5 with a loss for 46 yards. What happened after the games, years and decades, no one could predict.

But it still started with Drew Bladeso.

What happened to Drew Bladesor?

Bladeso, the team’s No. 1 pick in the 1993 NFL draft, recently signed a mega-deal to stay with the Patriots for the future. The Pats starter was a spark for New England that has taken itself from the worst organization in the NFL to prestige.

During the fourth quarter of the fairly nonscript 2001 Week 2 game, the current quarterback was disappointed for the first time and the Jets linebacker was knocked out for Mo Lewis Loop. Bladeso was diagnosed with a lung injury that removed him for a month.

The Jets will win 10-3 games কিন্তু but they will lose two decades of war.

Brady finished the season as a Patriots starter, leading New England to the play-offs as head coach Bill Belichick took his wagon to second-year Cubs, even after Bladeso recovered.

In the AFC Championship game, Bladeso will see the field again, replacing an injured Brady and leading a scoring drive that pushes the Patriots into the Super Bowl 36. This will be the last time Bladeso will see the field as a patriot, and the first ring will be “Tom Terrific’s” career.

প্রথম First of six in New England and seven overall. Thanks again, Moe Lewis.

Belichick will trade Bledsoco on the bills for the first round of the 200 first round in April 200, and “Hoody” was quite outspoken about why he decided to move out of Bledsoe. Really, everyone has seen why, but Belichick reaffirms:

“We all knew what the situation was like: a football team can only be a starting quarterback,” Belichick said via ESPN in 2001. “In the end, it can only be one guy. … When you put everything together, it’s probably the best.”

The Bladeso business will be followed by three Bladeso-Ian years with the Bills, including a huge 4,359-yard, 24 touchdown season with Buffalo in 2002. The last two seasons were light for success: the veteran threw 31 touchdowns, 28 interceptions, the team went 15-17 overall in the last two seasons, and missed play-offs with the team for three years.

Although he thinks he would have liked to play at Buffalo, Buffalo’s ending with Blesso was fairly bitter. When Bladeso 200 signed with Cowboys in 2004, he revealed that he could not wait to get his children out of Bill Gear.

Bladeso famously said, “I can’t go home and wait for my kids to dress up as little stars and get rid of the other team’s stuff.”

Signing a three-year contract to start for the Cowboys, Bladeso reunited with former patriotic coach Bill Parcelles, who took a job in Dallas in 2003. A man named Tony Romo will become the future QB of Dallas.

Bladeso announced his retirement in 2007.

What if Moe Lewis never hit Drew Bladeso?

But what if Moe Lewis never pulls out Bladeso? The questions are endless.

  • Did Tom Brady ever get a shot in New England? Prior to the 2001 season, Bladeso signed a 10-year, 3 103 million contract. “I have repeatedly expressed my desire to play with the New England Patriots throughout my career,” Bladeso told the New York Times in 2001.
  • Has Tom Brady become a goat? Ever since Brady set foot on the football field, he has not doubted that he is the real deal. But what happens to Tom Brady? Leave Brady What if Bladeso never gets hurt and stays away from Foxboro and Bill Belick?
  • How long does Belichick last in New England? There is no denying that Bladeso would have tied Belichick a little longer if he had signed a big deal, but Belichick was attracted to Brady as the No. 2 QB in New England despite being late round. Pick Belichic went 5-11 in his first year in New England (after the Jets resigned as HC) and started the 2001 season 0-2. Things didn’t look very good for Ol Bill.
  • Did the Jets become the next great dynasty of football? Well, probably not.

Although, Lewis had a very productive, fairly long career with Joyce তিনি he was first-team All-Pro in 1998 তিনি he is mostly remembered as the friend who brought Brady to the league.

Who knows what would have happened?

That is what we know Actually Happened – and the NFL is still feeling the effects 20 years later.

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