What does Rainbow Inc. do in Fortnight Chapter 2 Season 8?

As part 2 of Fortnite continues ason, a new feature has been added to the game to give players some customization options on one of the recently released skins. Tuna fish comes with several options for skin styles and looks, but players will have to cultivate an item called Rainbow Ink to unlock them.

Some more information about tuna fish skin and its color bottle and rainbow ink that gives her more style!

োর্ট Fortnight Season 8 Chapter 2 (No Leaks)

The quick guide below will keep confused players on their way to finding rainbow ink.

Use and location of Rainbow Ink in Season 8 of Fortnite

Currently, it seems that rainbow ink can only be found in any type of chest. These include regular chests, cosmic chests for duos and squads, and rare chests like the Io type and others.

When players collect enough rainbow ink, they can use this special item to unlock advanced cosmetic styles for tuna fish skin. Fortnite players will be able to change almost every aspect of the skin of this fish from the body to the clothes worn.

ant_entre__ Ort Fortnight game I like the style well from Kymera but I hate collecting foreign artifacrts. Collecting paint and rainbow ink is much easier because it tells you where they are and you get rainbow ink from the chest

The Rainbow Ink Rental in Season 8 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite is similar to the alien artwork that is used to unlock different styles of camera skin available for players in Season 2. However, instead of specific locations, players need to search across the map inside the chest.

The ink seems to grow randomly in the chest, so players should try to open as much as possible to increase their chances of finding them. Fortnight tends to implement a lot of opportunities for players to upgrade this type of skin with icons like Rainbow Inc., so it won’t take long for a beautiful stockpile to accumulate to capture every look of the tuna fish style.

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