What does Kathy Wood’s latest 250 250 million sale mean for Tesla’s share price?

Its founder and CEO is Kathy Wood Invent the ark, Has been bullish for a long time Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA). As long as he was positive in the stock, investors were iling. Does the fact that he’s selling it mean that the Tesla stock bubble is about to burst? And if so, will it give me a chance to buy?

Woods Ark Innovation sold a shadow of Tesla stock below 26 265 million in a single day last week. And that comes when high-profile stock pickers dumped a bunch of shares earlier in August. Previous sales, it seems, were financed for large investments in cryptocurrency stocks.

Meanwhile, Michael Barry, of The Big Short The reputation and founder of Zion Capital, had been bearish on Tesla for some time. Zion expands its position at Tesla to reach an estimated 1.1 million shares by the end of June. It has previously risen to 800,000 and added about 8 850 million worth of stock to its current share price. Interestingly, at about the same time, Sion Arc also had options on a portion of the innovation stock.

Tesla’s share price has risen

I think it takes courage to bet against Tesla right now. Shares have declined since their uptrend in 2020. Tesla stock has gained 87% in the last 12 months. And it has grown by just 1,500% in the last two years.

But Barry thinks Tesla stock is too expensive, and the current valuation is not sustainable. Speaking of Beaumont and Bust, and the failed transformational leap of the past, he said:If you know your history, here is a pattern that can help you. If you don’t, you’re doomed to repeat it. ”

I’m going to think of that one, no matter how I accept Tesla.

Watching the shift?

Some gains are definitely for Nasdaq’s bullishness. But over the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing changes in the U.S. index of high technology. If investors are actually turning their backs, I would expect the most valuable stocks to lose first. And looking at Tesla’s valuation, I’m surprised that more investors aren’t overreacting to it.

Yes, Tesla showed the way. Yes, it earned more than 31 31 billion in revenue last year. And yes, the company brought in আয় 721 million in net income at the same time. But with Tesla’s share price in such an exciting upswing, we now see a P / E of over 400. This means that at last year’s profit level, it would take the company 400 years to cover its share price.

Buy at today’s price?

If Tesla stock is going to fall, I think it could be sold by well-known investors, or bet against it, which pushes it. What should I do? I like what Tesla is doing and don’t think part of it, just at today’s prices. But I could see that shopping should be done if the price comes down to a more attractive valuation.

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