Week 7 Fantasy Busts: Rashod Bateman, Rashaad Penny Bad Matchup Among Best Waiver Pickups

We all know about season-long busts, but potential dud performances are waiting in the wings every week. Whether a player loses while playing, gets injured, faces a tough matchup, or just because of a cold spell, there are many reasons why he or she may be frustrated. Identifying their potential bust before starting, their sitting decisions are most important and can help protect you from catastrophic weeks. We’ve picked up potential Week 7 fantasy busts, such as hot weaver pickups Rashod Batman and Rashad Penny and more established players like Joe Burrow and Eliza Mitchell, who carry their matchup risks.

As always, even perennial stars can be blurred in a favorable matchup, but it can be hard to call superstars “busty”. We’ll continue to name the boys in the start-or-seat bubble – “must not start” and not the boys on the 90% discount wire. As mentioned above, you can’t always avoid players on this list. Sometimes you don’t have the depth to reasonably bench these people (or you can completely disagree with our assessment), especially within a week.

Week 7 Fantasy: Sleeping | Start, sit down

We had a hot week 6 in our sleeper selection, but our bust picks were a mixed bag. We were right on top of David Enjoku, Robert Tanian, Ryan Tannihill, Chase Kleppool, Tyler Lockett and Ben Rothlisberger. We won’t take a W for Cadrias Tony, as he was ready for another strong performance before he tweaked his ankle again. Although we were wrong about Derek Carr, Dalton Schultz and Alex Collins. Technically, Deventer Booker was right in the PPR league, but in the standard leagues he will be considered the bast of week b.

Week 7 Standard Ranking:
Quarterback | Run backwards Wide receiver | Tight end | D / ST | Kicker

Week 7 Fantasy Busts: Running Backwards

Chase Edmunds, Cardinal vs. Texans (Jackson Sparks). With James Connor asleep, Edmunds is a bust – the Cardinals will dominate the game. When the Cardinals lead, they throw stones at Connor, who has made five touchdowns this season. Edmunds is best suited for at least neutral game scripts when Arizona is about to pass. We don’t blame you if you start him in PPR, he should be on the bench in the Standard League.

Eliza Mitchell, 49ers vs. Colts (Vinnie Iyer) We don’t know what Kyle Shanahan will do with his backfield coming out of the bye and the Indianapolis defense is starting to bring itself to the fore again.

Rashad Penny, Seahawks vs. Saints (Matt Lutowski). Penny (calf) will come out of the IR at the perfect time. Chris Carson (neck) pushes out and Alex Collins (buttocks) pushes. If Collins is out, Penny will have to see 12-15 touches, but considering he’s playing on Monday night, the owners of Fantasy may not know if he’s starting until he closes the rest of their lineup. Also, it’s a brutal matchup, as New Orleans plays No. 2 run defense. Picking Penny isn’t a bad idea, but don’t rely on him in this match even if he’s out of Collins.

Week 7 PPR Ranking:
Quarterback | Run backwards Wide receiver | Tight end | D / ST | Kicker

Week 7 Fantasy Football Busts: Quarterback

Joe Barrow, Bengals – Ravens (Sparks). Twelve could prove us wrong here as Curtin left the big game from the Baltimore quarterback, including Wentz. However, the Ravens blew up the Chargers and captured Justin Herbert and colleagues. At six points. We’ve seen Baltimore’s defense have been influential in the past, and performances against LA could be just the beginning of this year.

Derek Carr, Riders vs. Aggalls (Iyer). When you think you can trust him, he moves on to a clever matchup against a strong inner pass, in which the cornerbacks were balanced, who could coax the turnover from him and limit the big plays.

Daniel Jones, Giants vs. Panthers (Lutovsky). It’s not a terrible matchup, but Jones is still dealing with a brief offense and, as we saw last week, isn’t always able to show his running ability. Even if you’re desperate for biceps, you should be able to do better than Jones.

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Week 7 Fantasy Football Busts: Wide Receiver

Corey Davis, Jets-Patriots (Sparks). The last time these two teams met, Davis caught just two passes for eight yards. Perhaps Jack Wilson has improved in the farewell week, but Davis ’ceiling is extremely low here. Jets crime hasn’t improved enough this week to convince Jets ’pass-catchers on the streets of Foxborough.

Tyler Boyd, Bengals – Ravens (Iyer). He has a decent history against them, but the current offense, he’s a distant third fiddle to Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins. Tight & CJ Uzoma’s work is hurting him inside as well.

Rashod Batman, Ravens vs. Bengals (Lutovsky). Batman looked good during his NFL debut last week, scoring four of six goals and playing 66.7 percent snaps. However, that yields only 29 yards. If Sammy Watkins (hamstring) comes back, you can’t trust Batman, because he’ll be the fourth option in a crime that doesn’t pass much. Even if Watkins is out again, Batman is far from a lock to produce against a Bengals defense that allows 10-minimum fantasy points per game (FPPG) in the WR. He deserves to be on your bench, but don’t put him in your line.

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Week 7 Fantasy football busts: Tight end

Jack Ertz, Cardinal vs. Texans (Sparks). We can understand the excitement around Ertz, but there are three reasons why he might be bound here. For one, it’s his first full week with the team so it can take time to be a factor. Second, this game should not be stopped from a distance, so the passing volume will be turned off quickly. After all, there are so many mouths to eat in Arizona, and Ertz will probably produce here and there, but not consistently – just like Maxx Williams did.

Tyler Higby, Rams vs. Lions (Iyer). They don’t really need Higgins to attack this pass defense, which is actually good from the outside to the inside.

Evan Engram, Giants vs. Panthers (Lutowski). Right now, very few fantasy owners might be starting Engram, but it has some name value and the Giant WRs keep getting hit, so we know there’s a temptation. Don’t let it happen. He didn’t even come close to production with a relatively decent goal, and there are plenty of other options in New York that are always thrown at someone else. Engram will get a random TD at some point, but don’t try to guess when it will happen.

Week 7 Fantasy Busts: Defense

Las Vegas Riders vs. Egals (Sparks). The riders ’defenses are much improved, but although the offenses of the agglomeration sometimes seem lifeless, they are garbage-time gurus. Even if the game gets off to a great start for the Las Vegas defense, it will leave plenty of yards. Also, Philadelphia has a touchdown score in the first half of the league and has only turned the ball five times this year (tied for the second lowest).

Baltimore Ravens vs. Bengals (Iyer). They played much better against Justin Herbert last week, but Joe Barrow and division rivals will play clear offense this week.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Colts (Lutovsky). The 49ers have rest and home, and Carson Wentz is always prone to sloppy turnover. Good recipe for starting D / ST, isn’t it? Okay, Wentz has only thrown one INT in one game this year, and Indianapolis is actually allowing the third-lowest fantasy points per game to be defended. It’s been a tough week for D / ST, but there are plenty of good start options from San Francisco.

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