“We need to investigate Fawcett” – Democrats will address dirty deeds

Gateway pundits Jim Huff and Christina Laila interviewed correspondent Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Saturday morning. Republican Jordan brings forth a new book next week:

Do what you say: Fight for freedom in the wetlands

The book is currently available on Amazon.com.

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During our discussion this morning, Representative Jordan did not back down and distributed red meat.

Discussing the judiciary’s overreach and persecution of patriotic Americans, Jordan said:

Jim Jordan: You cannot have a judiciary that is based on politics. And it is assumed on the basis of the rule of law, equal treatment under the law. This is how it is supposed to work. I don’t think so … When I first saw this story of the judiciary following parents in school board situations, it reminds me of what happened almost a decade ago when the IRS was following the Conservatives … now we see justice The department is doing something worse in my mind. Because they are labeling parents and using domestic terrorism, the FBI’s counterterrorism division. Where the email came from. It came from the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division!

On Kyle Reitenhaus’s judgment and media reporting.

Jim Jordan: This is not the first time Democrats, the media have lied … it happened to you, what they say about you. It happens to me every day. CNN is always saying something about conservatives. Yesterday was the victory of the constitution. It was a win for the proper process. It was a God bless America day. It was a victory for the truth, for the truth, for the Second Amendment. If it’s not self-defense then someone show me what self-defense is … God bless what the jury did with their real threat of intimidation and loss. They did the right thing. And God bless Kyle Reitenhaus. That would be an extremely difficult year only.

Her new book Do What You Said You Want Do: Fighting for Freedom in the Swamp

Jim Jordan: The point is, once you make a promise and come to office, if you are elected, you will do what you are going to do… I mentioned that no one did it better than President Trump. No one has done more than President Trump has done. And I try to get readers behind the scenes and what a good man he is and how he fought for this country in so many ways. I think your audience will enjoy the lesson.

On the next speaker of the house – is it something of his future?

Jim Jordan: No, no, if we win, God willing, and I think there is a really good chance it will happen. And I think we can win big … If we do, I want to be chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Historically, this is the committee that has been focusing on defending your rights, the rights of Americans. Your First Amendment rights. We know what the Left wants to do with the Second Amendment. Your privacy rights, that committee is supposed to focus on that. And, frankly, under Chairman Nadler, the opposite is true. We need to investigate Fawcett and all the misleading things he has said to us in the last year. He knew this thing probably came from the lab. And this time he has confused us. One has to learn how the tax returns of thousands of Americans have become universal. This is not supposed to happen in our country.

Unprecedented move to force Republicans out of their committee on Democrats.

Jim Jordan: Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either. Expelling a man from his committee. There is a reason why 71% of our citizens think that the country is on the wrong track. It’s because it’s!… It’s ridiculous. That’s wrong. But I tell you, if they have crossed this bridge now, it should be good for one party and good for the other. And I think in a year from now we will see some interesting developments … If I don’t do this. They have broken many precedents, broken many rules which are part of our political ideology, it is unfortunate.

Steve Bannon and former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows targeting Democrats and DJs.

Jim Jordan: I think what they did to Steve Bannon was wrong. But if they decide to force a Chief of Staff to speak to the President of the United States under criminal contempt, that is unbelievable! That never happened. If they do it, as I said before, if it is good enough for one side, it is good enough for the other.

Watch the full interview.

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