We have our first look at the second episode of ‘BMF’ and series star Demetrius Flannery Jr., telling us how his father played, what to come this season and much more! (Exclusive)

# Roommates, the much-anticipated biographical series “BMF” premiered on Starz less than a week ago, and fans are already obsessed with retelling the history of the infamous Black Mafia family. Coming from Executive-Producer 50 Cent, “BMF” not only tells the original story, but also lists someone very close to the project, series star Demetrius Flannery Jr., who plays his father. To prepare you for the upcoming episode, we have an exclusive touch to see what lies ahead – and we caught up with Demetrius to find out what it’s like to set foot in his father’s legendary shoes.

It’s not uncommon for an actor to play the lead role in a TV series, it’s even rarer to have your father in that role – but it’s the role of Demetrius “Lil Mitch” Flannery Jr. talking about the reality of how he was prepared, he Explained “[50 Cent] I was taken to LA, I had to take acting classes five days a week, sometimes twice a day. He was convinced before anything, I had a two-year acting class. Before auditioning to play my dad, he made sure I had that foundation. When I first started, I wouldn’t even lie, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was literally ‘it’s hard.’ I didn’t really think I was great. [But] I was better then, I thought I knew what I was doing, I was killing everything.

When we asked Demetrius how “BMF” compares to other TV shows at 50 cents, he referred to HBO’s iconic series “The Sopranos”. “I think BMF is something completely different that no one has seen before. It is relevant today. The only thing I can compare it to is “The Sopranos”, it’s the black “Sopranos”. I think today’s children can relate to it, “he said.

As the ‘BMF’ unfolds in eight episodes, there is also hope for what Demetrius takes viewers away from watching his family life story. He said, “I hope they will respect my father and culture because it was something different from his culture and what they did for the culture, not just the negative. A lot of positive things have come out of the BMF. Look at me today, I’m my I’ve had the opportunity to play the role of a father and people have come to know who he is, not for what he hears in the news.

In addition, Demetrius has a vision for the long-term future in Hollywood and aims to work with industry legends:

“I’m ready to take Hollywood by storm, I really feel like what I want to do in this world, in reality, I want to do it my whole life. I really want to work with different actors and actresses, many experienced veterans who have been doing this for longer than me. I hope to learn from them as well as gain experience. I really want to work with people like Denzel, Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan and even young actors. I had the opportunity to work with Gendarme on “Euphoria”, it was a great show, a great experience, especially my first time acting and I want to continue as an art student. “

You can check out the “BMF” at Starz every Sunday night at 8PM EST!

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