We are very sure that Joke Pederson is wearing the first string of pearls in baseball history

It is to be hoped that there will not be too much digging or stretching, to say that baseball is not particularly known for being fashion-forward. Especially compared to basketball or football, it is known for the least comfortable sports we get. But a baseball style moment has been a long time coming – just ask Mookie Betts. And compared to their NBA and NFL brethren, Major League Baseball players have one leg so they can wear jewelry while playing. Most of this means that ice statement necklaces have found their place on the field. But Atlanta Braves outfielder Jock Pederson, who took to wearing a string of pearls on the plate, is moving forward.

Impish, the well-liked Pederson insists that there is no big story here, no deep meaning behind the accessory. (And even in sports and fashion, the choice is less “subtle gender criticism” and a little more “white boy swag.”) But despite being a baseball baseball player, he still has a lot of questions about it. “It’s a mystery everyone,” Pederson said Said After a recent game, a cigar in his hand is like a silly villain (or just a guy celebrating a section title). “They’ll never know.” A few days later, He told reporters That she wears the necklace just because she’s “a bad bitch”. Joy de vivre, gold.

If Pinterest quote graphics are to be believed, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis once said, “Pearls are always appropriate” – a proverb that only men’s jewelry became more true during the Renaissance. At first, the cookie beaded necklace pearls may look just like WASPy ancestors, as seen on the necks of Jaden Smith and Pete Davidson, although it actually depends on how you wear it. Either way, the well-styled choices of A $ AP Rocky, Justin Bieber, and Harry Styles have helped make a fine strand champion as an essential accessory of the year. But it is not That’s right What Pederson is choosing here. In a kind of pleasurable way, Pederson adds a completely different look to his sweaty baseball jersey by adding some cartoonishly large pearls (less Jackie and more Mardi Gras), a fratty offshoot in the era of Dirtybag making. Two trends for the price of one.

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