Waters: Democrats can’t control narrative when people are allowed to speak freely on social media

Fox News presenter Jesse Waters condemned Democrats and their far-left program for trying to quell discontent during his inaugural campaign on Saturday.

“Liberals destroy you when they can’t argue,” Waters began his solo drama. “One thing we’ve learned during Trump’s tenure is that the left will do whatever it takes to get in their way. They’ll destroy anything and anyone who slows down their fundamentalist program. Their own policy is responsible for preventing them while ignoring the real crime.The only thing to stop them is us humans.

Waters cited Democratic Arizona Sen as an example of intimidating leftists who do not line up. The Kirsten movie has been followed in the bathroom and harassed for not supporting President Biden’s 3.5 3.5 trillion spending bill.

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“It’s a playbook. Don’t worry about yourself. Do what we want. Just don’t try to persuade, just intimidate,” Waters said before quoting the recent Facebook whistleblower, who testified before Congress last week.

“This week, a so-called whistleblower exploded at the scene with a similar message. Obama grabbed a lawyer, appeared at ’60 Minutes’ and testified on Capitol Hill the next day. And he’s talking to the Jan. 6 committee. “We’re asking you to control what information is allowed on Facebook,” Waters said.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Hausen testified, “For someone like me to work in such a place, there needs to be a regulatory home to carry out the responsibilities and work on regulations and bring that information to the oversight board that has the right to monitor.”

Waters: “Look what’s going on here. Total setup. Media democrats are conspiring with him to sink their hooks into big technology and take complete control of the flow of information.”

Waters also noted how Biden’s judiciary is trying to intimidate parents who oppose critical race theory curricula, masked orders and silent leftist inspiration.

“Now, you can’t protest peacefully in Joe Biden’s America. Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, is trying to prosecute parents who fight against the awakened school board,” Waters said. “The DOJ is now treating those outspoken parents as domestic terrorists and threatening parents to meet with the FBI task force because left-leaning teachers cannot heat up this school board meeting to teach critical race theory যা which they say allows boys in girls’ restrooms and schools. Giving children masks. “

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He ended his solo drama about how Democrats are ignoring the real issues unfolding across the country.

“Real problems are happening all over the country and they are completely ignoring them,” Waters said. “Crime is skyrocketing in liberal cities after police evasion. Americans are still stuck in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. The FBI and Democrats are illegally monitoring Republicans. The list will go on. Destroying the citizens and our constitution. But we will not let that happen to them. ”

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