Want to turn this DC insider politics into a video game — ‘Imagine an arch-conservative in San Francisco, or Nancy Pelosi in Mississippi’

If the relentless news cycle of recent years overwhelms you with the inner workings of the political scene and makes you think that nothing else can go crazy, then it’s time to take your own experience.

A videogame that seeks funding from Kickstarter is hoping to create a real-world scenario for Keyboard Politico. The game is called “Political Arena” and attempts to give a CMC approach to run a political campaign, complete with the damage of the twenty-first century.

The game is the brainchild of Washington-based journalist Elliott Nelson, who wrote a completely serious AZ guide to “The Beltway Bible: Our Completely Good, Corrupt, Incompetent, Terrible, Disappointing, and Sometimes Ridiculous Government.” In order to educate readers about the internal workings of the government, he promises that video games are not an educational endeavor.

“None of this is a lesson,” Nelson told MarketWatch.

Players can choose their own political character and build a career, climb stairs and avoid problems of all shapes and sizes. The game will also feature backroom deals and conversations with the press – trying to get their characters out of trouble or make way ahead.

“Politics is exciting and [most people] There was no opportunity to stay in the media circle. “It was an idea I had for quite some time, but after talking to people in video games and politics, I realized it’s not the craziest thing in the world.”

Nelson said he sees the game as a cross between Classic Electronic Arts Inc. EA,
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The simulation game “SimCity,” and TTW of Tech-to-Interactive Software Inc.,
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“NBA 2K” series.

“Politics is unique in almost all respects in terms of how vague politics is from the public’s point of view,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then [sports] Highlight reel. ”

Perhaps it’s fair to turn a blind eye to the politics-is-sports similarities, but there’s also political input in the game of Jess McIntosh, a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election and former vice president of Emily’s list communications. Technically, the designers have included alumni in the “Star Wars” and “The Walking Dead” video game series.

“People don’t know how to code inside politics,” Nelson said. “Those who are talented software developers and engineers don’t have their politics.”

Although it helps to create the process with the help of Politicos, although it has advantages. The playbook has a knowledge that is sometimes used to get out of scandals. And there are plenty of those.

The game’s artificial intelligence forces the player to deal with unexpected roadblocks. For example, a political ally said something stupid; How do you respond? “How you respond is connected to the background and how you respond will give different results.” The game provides a field of possibility for anyone looking to create a traditional themed way, re-run old campaigns, or go completely out of the box.

Nelson said, “The completely random politics in their heads don’t want to happen.” “Imagine an arch-conservative in San Francisco, or Nancy Pelosi in Mississippi.”

Far-reaching ideas may be interesting, but to a politician it offers an interesting proposition if: “What’s better than playing with a Donald Trump-type character, but with more discipline?”

“The game is a lively entertainment of an interesting thing,” Nelson said. “And the more you play, the more you’ll want to be in it.”

The Kickstarter campaign project is looking for 100,000 to fund, which will first be released on Steam or other platforms.

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