Voter repression laws backfire and makes it harder for White Republicans to vote

Many Republicans are slowly realizing that their fraud and new voter suppression laws are forcing fewer Republicans to vote.

The GOP Voter Suppression Act accidentally targets elderly white rural Republicans.

Data from Pox Research, as Vox reports, shows how senior white Republicans are trapped in voter repression:

In the last election, Biden voters were more likely to vote by mail than Trump voters, a poll by the Pew Research Center for the 2020 election found that Republicans also took advantage of the opportunity to abstain personally.

Voters 655 or older were most likely to vote for absentees, probably because they are most at risk in severe cases of Covid-1, and Trump, a percentage of voters of that age, did so in 2020. Seniors of this age are usually able to apply for a missing mail-in ballot in the most restricted state যোগ্য eligibility to be older এবং and in 2019, groups 65 and older are more likely to register and are Republicans or weaker Republicans.

The new voter suppression laws in Florida and Georgia are two examples that Republicans have enacted as legislation that targets the basis of the GOP while trying to dissuade minorities from the possibility of a democratic vote, but the opposite is happening.

Republicans at the state level fire anti-voter laws at Democrats and prevent Republicans from voting.

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote about the concerns of Republicans in the Red State:

In Texas, a Republican state legislator wrote a newspaper column in which he openly wondered why legislators were “trying to make it harder for Republican voters to vote.” In Iowa, a Republican election commissioner in rural Adams County asked the same question at a hearing on new voter rules in that state. And in Florida, a former Republican campaign worker worries that new laws could color voters and turn them into more numbers.

Republicans can shrink voters by removing their own voters.

Republicans thought they could manipulate future elections by making it harder for democratic-risk voters to vote, but their voter repression laws are so broad that they are destroying a mail-in voting system that Republicans have built for decades.

Veteran white rural Republican voters are the backbone of the GOP. If a small percentage of these voters do not vote, with the increase in democratic turnout, the result will be a disaster for the Republican Party.

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