Virginia Cop seeks back his job to donate to Kyle Reitenhaus Defense Fund

The leftist media acted like a fascist hit squad after the Kenosha riots last year.

That’s all about change.

In April, 2021, news spread that the far-left group Distributed Denial of Secrets had leaked the personal details of several donors who paid Kyle Reitenhaus, an Illinois teenager accused of killing two protesters in Wisconsin when he was stabbed to death in Wisconsin. . .

The Guardian reports that the group DDoSecrets expelled donors who tried to hide their identities using an anonymous feature called GiveSendGo, a Christian crowdfunding website, after a data breach.

Running: Fake ‘Checkers’ PoliticoFact, AP and Fake News NPR claimed last year that President Trump was wrong to say Rittenhaus acted in self-defense – yet there is no apology today?

The Guardian Retainhouse has named and released a number of government officials, emergency workers and police officers who have made anonymous donations to the Defense Fund.

Some donors were associated with email addresses identified in police and public work emails.

The Guardian believes it is important to reprimand officials for donating to the 17-year-old’s defense fund.

A reporter, Jason Nguyen, arrested a local paramedic at his home in Utah who had donated anonymously to the Retainhouse Defense Fund.

Virginia Police Officer William “Bill” Kelly was fired for making a grant to the Kyle Reitenhaus Defense Fund.

Now, after yesterday’s verdict, he wants his job back.

The Daily Mail reports:

A Virginia police officer who was fired by hackers after being fired for donating 25 25 anonymously to the Kyle Reitenhaus Defense Fund and the media is now demanding his job back from the wake, the ‘fake’ police chief who fired him.

Speaking to Dailymail.com on Friday, shortly after Reitenhaus’s verdict, Norfolk Police Lieutenant William ‘Bill’ Kelly explained why he thought Reitenhaus deserved his help and why he now stands by his decision.

Rittenhaus was not convicted in all cases Friday after a two-week trial. He broke down in tears as the verdict was read aloud and is now a free man.

Seven months ago, long before the trial began, Kelly, 42, was fired for making anonymous donations to the then-growing Defense Fund of Teenagers.

Kelly, a 19-year-old veteran and father of three who left the Department of the Interior at the time, donated $ 25 to a Give Sand Go online campaign for the Ritenhaus legal team after watching social media videos and footage from reporters on the August 2020 Kenosha riots.

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