Veteran and Congress candidate racist vaccine mandate torch in viral video

In a new video that went viral, Air Force veteran and congressional candidate Billy Prempeh set fire to racist vaccine orders.

William “Billy” Prempeh is running for the Ninth Congressional District of New Jersey.

In her video, Prempeh explains that 28% of black Americans aged 18-44 in New York have been vaccinated, resulting in 72% of New York black residents being deprived of services due to the new vaccine passport order.

Running: Manchin buried his head in his head, telling Schumer that his unsolicited Senate speech was a “F * cking stupid” to attacking Republicans.

“Isn’t that racist? Or will liberals again move away from harmful and destructive policies for black communities? Prempeh asked in a statement to Gateway Pandit.

June wrote Premp for Gateway Pundit, he wrote “My name is William” Billy “Prempeh and I decided to take action for the people of the Ninth Congressional District কারণ because unlike Black Lives Matter, I will actually work to get justice and change the culture that is on our streets. Black is holding life.

On September 1, 200, when Billy was 1, he enlisted in the United States Air Force. While most of his friends were enjoying their college experience, Billy decided to swear before his country God, the Constitution of the United States, and the citizens of this great nation against all foreign and domestic enemies. He was stationed at RAF Mildenhall England specializing as a space ground equipment traveler (2A6X2).

To learn more about his campaign, you can visit his website here.

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