Venom 2: ‘Let the Be Carnegie’ is the biggest US inauguration of the epidemic

Sony’s follow-up to “Venom: Let the Be Carnegie” – the hit 2018 supervillain film – blew away past expectations at the ticket booth this weekend. The film, starring Tom Hardy as a terrifying alien co-star, grossed an estimated .1 90.1 million at the North American box office this weekend.
The total largest for the epidemic era and the second largest for the month of October ComScore (Score). It’s also incredibly good news for theater owners who are hoping that the October box office may come together on multiple hit weekends. So far, “Venom: Let the Be Carnegie” – a movie that only starred in theaters – has done just that.

Sony changed its estimates for the film, estimating it would come in at around 40 40 million, and other analysts estimated it would take 50 million or more. Those Expectations seemed low, especially in the foreground, but theaters are still trying to recover from the coronavirus epidemic and viewers may still be weak as the global health crisis continues.

However, “Venom: Let the Be Carnegie” didn’t slow down this weekend.

The inaugural weekly success of “Venom: Let’s the Carnegie” follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, which surprised the industry with its $ 80 million debut in 2018 – the October box office record at the time.

Thus, “Let the Bee Carnegie” defeated the original’s opening and did it during the epidemic and at a time when big movie streams at home became a new hub for studios. It got an audience despite the bad reviews from critics. Image score 58% on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes.

“We are also pleased that Patience and Drama Monopoly has been rewarded by record results,” Tom Rothman, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, said in a statement Sunday. “I apologize to Mr. Twain: the death of the film has been greatly exaggerated.”

In short, Sunday’s news may not be good for Sony or theater owners. It is being considered specifically that this may be the most important October in Hollywood history.

While having a few hit movies in recent years, October histor has historically never been a month known for big box office hits. In fact, it was a dead zone between the generally lucrative summer film season Tu and the acclaimed awards by holiday critics.

This October, however, is very different.

This month is simply extraordinarily jam-packed with major films like MGM’s recent James Bond film “No Time to Die” and Warner Bros. The sci-fi epic “Dune,” is a month that could tell a lot about the short and long term future of the movie theater business. (Warner Bros., such as CNN, is owned by Warner Media.)

In the end, this month could give Hollywood and industry observers a better idea if viewers are still willing to pack into theaters.

If “Venom: Let the Be Carnegie” is an indication, the answer seems to be a decisive yes.

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