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  • CSI: Vegas. CBS. Wednesday, October 6, 10 p.m.
  • Ghosts. CBS. Thursday, October, at night

It’s October, so there’s already a horrible mess of network television ghosts and ghosts and ambulating corpses. The most terrifying discomfort in the bunch is CBS’s all-access-you-can-eat-buffet CSI: VegasAnd not just for the glorious Technicolor Visa, its stars revolve around liver-and-kidney-and-lung-flavored popcorn. If you’re wondering, hey, don’t we already have one? CSI Set in Las Vegas, the answer is a frustrating yes, and the CBS necromancers have revived it, opening the jaws of the procedural hell of the police on us.

CSI: Crime scene investigation From 2000 to 2015, four spinoffs and countless hours of impossibly toxic jargon and Rech-o-Rama made autopsy footage. TV police dramas go back to those days Highway checkpoint And Dragonet (Which was originally born in 1949 as a radio series), hence the hack script and the ventriloquist-dummy performance CSI Was rarely innovative. But the show had an open hatred for characterization. Completely new wordsThe police are systematicIt had to be invented for a show where the stars were not actors but Petri Dish.

CSI And his clones were eventually made like most of his clones, only by the unholy discovery of true crime documentaries. By 2016, the last of his bastard dynasty had gone to his unmarked Hollywood grave and there was hope for a television future. But its return has already been raised by NBC, where another infamous procedural suffrage, Laws and orders, Was lost in only one of the seven series. Of course, the original Laws and orders Now also scheduled for return. Friends, lightning strikes.

For this CSI: Vegas, It’s much worse than its cracked ancestor (and certainly not somewhat better). If you don’t particularly discriminate in the use of the term, some characters come back, including William Petersen with evil-bug expert Gil Grisham, George Fox with Sarah Siddle, Harvard Chicken, a thing for evil-bug experts, and Paul Guilfoyl as Captain Jim Brass, A homicide supervisor is so skilled that he kills a rookie detective before his first shift is over. Newcomers include Pala Newsome (Chicago Med), Matt Loria (Fatherhood) And Mandeep Dhillon (Star Wars: Episode IX), Everyone is revolving around trying not to be wrong for others.

Otherwise, this CSI is the same annoying obsession with corpse porn that is different from all the rest. The same saw-open ribs, the same dry limbs soaked in secret rehydration sauce, and the same conversation that would gag a maggot. (A technology, pointing to a fill-to-brim opal jar: “Is this the contents of the stomach?”He was full of it. “)

But after the character of Newsome came out with a new device to illuminate the anus or something like that, I caught a provocative joke. “Once upon a time At one point, “another policeman yelled,” you burned out as a witch. CSI: SelimComing soon!

The ghosts of other new CBS offers, as the fall of new broadcast shows continues into its fourth week, are literal. Also the name of the show is very easy to guess Ghosts. This is the concern of a young couple named Samantha (Rose McIver), Zombies) And J (Excellent Ambudkar, Mindy project), Who inherit a country’s property and plan to turn it into a B&B. What they don’t know is that there are dozens of ghosts in this place, the spirits of the previous inhabitants and only Samantha can see or hear them.

Usually irrational ghosts come from different eras. Among them is a hippie (Sheila Carrasco, Jane the Virgin) Who wanders from the neighboring rock festival and tries to hug a bear, the consequences of which are ominous. (“Drugs were involved,” he admits unnecessarily. Then there’s a light Viking (Devan Long), Submissive) Who has spent a good deal of his eternity in giving lectures to his fellow ghosts about the subtle differences between the cod species. And a beheaded stock broker (Asher Gradman, Inheritance) Whose death remains unspoken but may have some connection to the three companies he was pushing: Enron, Circuit City and Blockbuster. All of these spirits have a special ability regarding their method of death, which is the case with 18th century militia commanders (Brandon Scott Jones, Good place) Who died of diarrhea, you don’t really want to hear more than that.

Written from the BBC sitcom of the same name Topper), Ghosts More beautiful than funny. While it must be credited for breaking the broadcast-TV barrier in a particular wave (if that’s the right word), the ghosts often use it without any awareness of its modern American significance. Now, towards the rusty trombone.

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