“Vaccine offered to victims at Molok’s altar” (video)

Dr. Robert Robert Moynihan Recently, Carlos Maria Vigani, an outspoken Italian archbishop, was interviewed on the current development of the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Vigano: It seems clear to me now that we are under siege, both socially and religiously. The so-called emergency pandemic has been used as a false excuse to force vaccines and green passes together and in a coordinated way in many countries around the world … they support this evil plan and go so far as to condemn those who do it. Do not admit to being inoculated with the gene serum, which gives no immunity to the virus, can say nothing about the moral impact on the presence of genetic material derived from aborted fetuses, which is not enough reason for a Catholic to reject the vaccine. We are a war, a war that is not openly declared, that is not fought with conventional weapons, but the war is the same … not between the coalition state and the church. But it is in a deep state and deep in the church.

“Vaccinated people are sacrificed on the altar of Moloch,” Vigano announced.

And Archbishop Vigano said the elites in charge were able to manipulate the vote for their own benefit. “They present themselves as representatives of the people but in reality they work against the people. Without any restrictions, without restrictions from above, since they have rejected the divine divine source of power of the rulers or from below, since they do not allow citizens to elect their own representatives unless they are sure that they can manipulate their own vote. ”

Running: Senator Ron Johnson: “No sense in telling you now – we’ve killed 16,766 people in 10 months with the covid vaccine” (video)

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