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The San Diego Unified School District voted unanimously Tuesday night to allow students 16 years of age or older to be fully vaccinated by December 20 or deported to distance learning.

The country’s 21st largest school district thus joins # 2 Los Angeles (whose guidelines cover 12 and beyond), and the smaller Calvary City, California (also 12+), which is likely to be a growing and increasingly controversial one. The tendency to make injections compulsory in the arms of relatively low-risk minors.

“Tonight we’re making a statement that we believe in science, we believe in process and we’re serious about it, we want to protect children,” said Sharon Whitehurst-Payne, vice president of the school board at the meeting.

Whitehurst-Pain’s explanation of science is not universal. U.C. U.S. News & World Report The column on Tuesday found that different countries have come to different conclusions about the safety of giving children two doses instead of one, and the possible side effects (myocarditis) of myocarditis are real if rare.

“It is a severe punishment to take children who refuse vaccinations and to prevent them from receiving private education,” Prasad wrote. “Prolonged school closures have had a devastating effect on children, robbing them of their education, leaving the last scars left on America’s ladder of opportunity …. [T]The reality is that they are transcending the certainty of science, and they are dispelling our collective anger and frustration – that this epidemic is not over yet – on children. This is a shameful policy and I condemn it. “

The K-12 Student Wax Mandate is almost certain to cross the California border. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said last Thursday that he “sincerely” supports them. Said Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York Repeatedly This month he is keeping the student-mandate open as an “alternative”.

According to an article this week Pew Trust, “County and city officials in California, Maryland, New York and Virginia and Columbia districts are making it mandatory for student-athletes to be vaccinated for weekly testing with some exceptions. – Athletes.” But more: . “

As in the case of masking, reopening of schools, closure of businesses and covid-related policies related to vaccine passports, the main determinant is whether a given policy order or prohibited K-12 vaccine No. The comparative effect of coronavirus, rather, is favorable to which of the two main political party components. This means that the higher your vaccination rate for minors, the more likely you are to pass a student wax mandate.

The U.S. one-shot vaccination rate for 12- to 17-year-olds is currently about 57 percent. California 68 percent, New York 66 percent … and then there are states that have banned student orders: Florida (55 percent), Utah (55), Arizona (53), Arkansas (47), Oklahoma (44), Montana (42). ), Tennessee (37), and Alabama (36). Assuming for the sake of this argument that the vaccine mandate is an infallible good, the states that need them the most will almost certainly get them at least.

But the argument about the mandate is nothing more than a settlement. Covid-1, even after the triumph of the delta variety and the advent of vaccines, has left an extremely large number of elderly people with the disease: according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 8 people under the age of 18 have died as of Sept. 2. This is less than the 643 minors who died, according to CDC estimates 2017-18 winter flu season. Rare is the state that forces the flu shot; In fairness, though, their effectiveness is far behind the three COVID-19 vaccines approved in the United States.

The second major reason for the physical removal of unvaccinated students is to prevent children from spreading the virus among teachers and staff. But school staff have so far had priority access to vaccines for more than half a year. Results of microscopic infections published through school tests n 0.2 percent among obsolete in New York City, about 0 in Los Angeles. percent – It is reasonable to conclude that school buildings are the safest place to gather people.

Like all vaccine mandates, the need for K-12 students must increase vaccination rates, and thus accelerate the transition from virus to epidemic. But by how much, and at what cost?

Children who are sent back home for one more year by distance learning will face real and measurable harm with less chance of being exposed to Covid-1 to. In comparison, the productivity of their parents’ work will be affected.

Speaking as a parent of a 13-year-old who is fully vaccinated in public school, I am not afraid of his unharmed classmates (if he has one), and I want such students to be tested regularly instead of packing sent. But as usual, my educational preferences will be overwhelmed by those I like to live in.

A “science” whose policy extrapolation depends on political rebuke will lose public respect. Advocates who don’t admit and jump into real-world tradeoffs will almost certainly make big mistakes. Vaccines are a marvel of modernity, and the best ticket in the last 19 months of our lives. But this does not mean that it is wise for the government to impose this particular rule on adolescents.

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