Vaccine-free Kiri Irving has been spotted playing pickup games in the park

Kiri Irving's amazing self-importance and contempt for his teammates reappeared.

Kiri Irving’s amazing self-importance and contempt for his teammates reappeared.
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Kyrie Irving has become a topic of discussion around sports and entertainment circles for her position against the Covid-19 vaccine. Irving continues to show an extreme lack of self-awareness and excessive self-importance. Just days after Irving posted a video where he spoke of his decision to vaccinate, he said Camera caught playing football in the park.

I guarantee you if someone asks Kiri about this video of hers in the park, she won’t understand the big problem. Irving will not do what he needs to do to join the team he hired to try to win a championship with his teammates. Irving and Kevin are considered close friends of Durant, and that’s why KD ended up in Brooklyn. Irving has shown that he rarely thinks about anyone other than himself. Yet Kiri is so unknown, he goes outside to play pickup ball in broad daylight and gets caught with a bunch of random people without vaccines and masks. This dude just doesn’t get it.

It’s a horrible look. Net players probably won’t comment publicly on this video, but I’m sure they’ve been realizing it for a while now. Kyrie Irving is only concerned about Kyrie Irving. How many times do you have to kick the balls before you realize the kicker is of no importance to your well-being? It took some time to net, but they were enough in the end. When the first red flag should have been before the start of last season Irving’s nerves were “should” the nets don’t need a coach.

Irving then took a break of about two weeks in the middle of the season and had no general decency to let anyone on the team know. At this point, Irving was spotted on a zoom call that occurred while playing the net. If he needs a few days, okay, take that, but a simple text message or email will suffice, I’m sure, in this situation. But no, he was not bothered to do so. I have no problem with zoom calls in particular. You do, dog. But damn, ask everyone for a little accountability. Couldn’t you contact someone on the net in time to let them know what you’re doing at the time?

But since Irving is a public figure, and everyone has opinions about his hatred, we are all bad people now. He does what he wants and says no matter how misguided or stupid he is, the rest of the world is wrong to call him his idiot. Yes, it makes a completely wonderful sense.

I don’t see how any of this can be blown away where the net and Irving’s work relationship is concerned. Whatever has happened between Kiri and Nate in the last year, and the disrespect he has shown not only to the front office, but to his teammates (including his BFF KD), I can’t see how they can move forward by embracing it. If he returns to Brooklyn. Even if the NYC order is revoked tomorrow, I am not sure these damages can be repaired.

Kiri Irving is a narcissist. Make no mistake about it. Irving can say the right thing (sometimes) and tell people what they want to hear, but when it comes down to it he’s out for himself. He could not curse about a virus, a global epidemic, or a vaccine that could help protect against this virus. Kyrie could come out as well and say you screw all over; This flat earth revolves around me. This is what he has done through his actions in the last 12 months.

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