USWNT vs Paraguay Result: Alex Morgan scores hat-trick as USA wins again

In another impressive performance, the U.S. women’s national team beat Paraguay 0-0 in Cincinnati, shortly after beating the same team 0-0. Hometown hero Rose Level led the way with a goal and three assists, and Alex Morgan also scored a hat-trick.

“It’s very special. I got a little emotional about it,” Lavel Fox told PostGame. “This city made me between the person and the player today. It was a special night.”

This was the 22nd straight home win for the USA, which was leading 4-0 before the end of 15 minutes. In addition to Morgan and Lavell, the United States received confident performances from midfielder Katarina Macario and had the opportunity to play inspired by two young attackers, Sophia Smith and Mal Pug.

U.S. national team fans have unveiled a pre-game tiffo in honor of Carly Lloyd, who will retire from the U.S. national team in October. He started on the bench, but found another goal in a simple finish after a goalkeeper error in the second half.

Lloyd will return for a final camp in October when the USWNT will face South Korea to close the next U.S. tour of the Olympics.

USWNT vs. Paraguay Final Score

1 h 2 h Final
USWNT 5 3 8
Paraguay 0 0 0

USA – Rose Level (Katarina Macario) – 4th minute.
USA – Sophia Smith (Rose Level) – 6th 6th minute.
United States – Alex Morgan (Rose Level) – 8th minute.
United States – Alex Morgan – 14th minute
USA – Katarina Macario (Rose Level) – 15th minute.
United States – Alex Morgan (Sophia Smith) – 53rd minute
USA – Carly Lloyd – 78th minute
United States – Katarina Macario – 82nd minute.

(Always before)

Final: United States 8, Paraguay 0

93rd minute: SUB – A final sub is coming up with Sofia Almiron, but she is not on the field for more than 10 seconds and the referee whistles at the end of the match.

90th minute: Stop time is two minutes.

88th minute: Subs – Two more sub for Paraguay: Fiorella Martinez and Janina Cerven.

85th minute: Late in the long injury to a player from Paraguay, who is down. And he comes out of the game in a cart after fixing his neck.

82nd minute: 8-0! The most beautiful goal of the night: Katrina Macario with a side-footed volley that surpassed the Paraguayan defender. Perfect strategy.

78th minute: Goal USA! Right at the end of the box in the Paraguayan defender’s hand (which could have been a penalty), Paraguayan goalkeeper Bobadilla first punched the ball straight into the air and then whipped it down and Carly Lloyd just touched it to make it one of the easiest goals he would score.

73rd minute: SUB – Paraguay’s Monserath Ayala comes off the bench for midfielder Fanny Gauto.

70th minute: Subs – The United States makes its final two subs. Christy Mayweather for Rose Level, who greeted the crowd at TQL Stadium. Tobin Heath replaces Sophia Smith, who played a great match.

66th minute: SUB – Paraguay forward Natalie Pena brings in Ramona Martinez.

65th minute: The United States is closer to another! A great cross from Katarina Macario and Sophia Smith on the right with a header at the bottom of the top of the six-yard box, but it’s ‘right of the keeper’. Excellent game in the USA.

62nd minute: USWNT put the ball behind the net in a set piece, but Kelly O’Hara was ruled offside by teammate Andy Sullivan on a flick header.

61st minute: Subs – There are four sub-hours for USWNT – Carly Lloyd (for Morgan), Becky Sourbrun (for Davidson), Lynn Williams (for Pug) and Kelly O’Hara (for Pug).

59th minute: Paraguay’s’ goalkeeper! Katarina Macario fired a shot into the goal from a corner kick into the box and it slipped out of the hands of Alicia Bobadilla, who recovered from the goal line.

53rd minute: Alex Morgan’s hat trick! Sophia Smith made a great run and Cross and Morgan applied expert touch to the near post. It’s the finishing of a striker. 6-0 USA. The fifth hat-trick of Morgan’s career.

49th minute: Pug the ball with a ball into Rose Level’s box, but Cincinnati Desi can’t turn it into a goal. Lovell was not done tonight.

46th minute: The second half is underway. No subs yet We’ll see when Carly Lloyd appears.

Half time: United States 5, Paraguay 0

44th minute: Rose Level drives on the Paraguay defense and sends a shot with a goal that deviates for a corner. Paraguay need to clear the goalkeeper ‘after the keeper came out.

42nd minute: In the midst of an unbroken stump, Paraguay finally made it to the match. But the United States could launch it at any moment.

34th minute: Now the reason for stopping the injury is the problem of the left shoulder of Mal Pug. Looks like he’s in pain. The coaches are on the field with him.

31st minute: Some silence in the match. A few stops, a few set pieces for Paraguay injury. There is not much flow in this expansion.

20th minute: Alex Morgan in the great box through Andy Sullivan’s ball, but he can’t control it and it’s a great defensive game for the Paraguay captain.

15th minute: And just seconds later it’s 5-0! This time Katarina Macario with the finish. Another feed of Rose Level, who lit the fire.

14th minute: United States 4-0! Abby Dalcamper crosses the box, clears it to Alex Morgan in the Paraguay box and he pays them.

Tenth minute: Rare set piece shot for Paraguay that hits the goal and it is an easy possession for US defender Jane Campbell.

8th minute: USA score again! Rose Level again with delivery and Alex Morgan with finish. Lovell is doing a show for his hometown fans.

6th 6th minute: There’s another one! With a driving run from Mallory Pug midfield, Rose Level serves Sophia Smith who scored her first start. The Paraguayan defender was lost at sea in that game.

4th minute: Goal USA! Macario also heads home with a great cross and Rose Level runs into the box. You couldn’t have scripted it better: Hometown Girl scored the first goal.

1st minute: We’re off.

7:46 pm: Level received that greeting from the crowd at his birthplace. Excellent.

7:44 pm: A look at Tiffany in Cincinnati:

7:30 pm: All eyes on Sophia Smith:

5:40 pm: Broadcast crew for tonight’s match on FS1:

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USWNT vs Paraguay lineup

Due to the absence of some Olympic players, U.S. head coach Vlatko Andonovsky called three NWSL players who were not part of the team in Tokyo: Andy Sullivan (Washington Spirit), Sophia Smith (Portland fork) and Mallory Pug (Chicago Red Star). All three will start in Cincinnati.

USWNT star Christian Press Has chosen to focus on mental health. Goalkeeper due to injury Alyssa Nahar , Midfielder Julie Ertz , Samantha Mewis And Lindsay Horan , And forward Megan Rapino .

USWNT start lineup (4-3-3, left to right): 21-Jane Campbell-GK-20-Casey Kruger, 12-Tirena Davidson, 2-Abby Dalkamper, 14-Emily Sonnet-17-Katarina Macario, 25-Andy Sullivan, 16-Rose Lovell-11-Mallory Pug, 13-Alex Morgan, 27-Sophia Smith

USWNT Subs (8): 18-Adriana French-GK, 4-Becky Sourbon, 19-Crystal Right, 14-Emily Sonnet, 5-Kelly O’Hara, 22-Christy Meuis, 7-Tobin Heath, 6-Lynn Williams, 10-Carly Lloyd

Paraguay coach Epiphania Benitez has only one player available for the two matches against the United States and he has made only three subsidies in the last match. He makes a change in goals and forwards for this game.

Paraguay start lineup (4-1-4-1, left to right): 12-Alicia Bobadilla-GK-14-Desi Ojeda, 5-Tania Risso, 8-Lorena Alonso, 2-Maria Martinez-3-Limpia Frits-4-Desi Bereiro, 6-Fanny Gauto, 10-Fanny Godoy, 7-Fabiola Sandoval – 9 – Natalia Pena

Paraguay Sub (7): 1-Christina Recald-GK, 15-Sophia Almiron, 13-Fiorella Martinez, 17-Yanina Sarven, 16-Manserath Ayala, 18-Ramona Martinez, 11-Mirta Pico

See how USA vs Paraguay

  • Date: Tue, Sept. 21
  • Time: Evening: 30.: 300 ET
  • TV channels: FS1
  • Spanish TV: TUDN
  • Flow: fuboTV

The match will be broadcast in English (FS1) and Spanish (TUDN), and both networks are available to stream on fuboTV (a free 7-day trial for new users).

Every US soccer match will start at 455 pm.

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