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As of September 25, 2021, there are সম্প 129.3 billion in fixed assets, representing 6.54% of the crypto economy. The capital of the USDC, the second-largest stable coin in terms of market valuation, has risen sharply, to more than $ 10 billion in 125 days.

Since May, the market cap of USDC has increased by 54%

In recent times, NewsTether (USDT) has reported an increase as the market capitalization of USDT today is close to $ 70 billion as supply increased by 1,500% in five years. Following that report, our newsdesk reported the decentralized stable coin called DAI, which was issued by the McCordao project. The market capitalization of DAI has increased by more than 800% in 12 months and today the total value of all DAIs is 6 6 billion.

USDC market capitalization hits 30 billion - Stablecoin adds $ 10 billion in 4 months
USD Coin (USDC) market price May 23, 2021, September 25, 2021 Today’s market value is about, 30,984,370,920.

Now the second largest stable currency by market capitalization, the USD coin (USDC), has recently risen significantly to চার 30.9 billion in just four months. The USDC is issued by the Center Consortium which is headed by Circle Financial, and Coinbase is also a member of the Center Consortium. On May 2, 2021, the market value of USDC was about ২০ 20 billion. Four months later, the USDC added $ 10 billion to the valuation project. It has risen 54% since May 23 and 30-day figures indicate an increase of about 14.1%.

The USDC Stablecoin market cap represents 1.5% of the entire crypto economy

The USDC has been a popular stable coin for some time because people use resources to hedge against volatility, use resources for decentralized money (defi) applications and much more. At the time of writing, when the value of the crypto economy is $ 1.97 trillion, USDC represents 1.56% of the valuation of the crypto economy.

As of Saturday, the USDC had a global trade volume of about 3 3 billion. Although in general, the USDC has very little fluctuations because it is associated with the USD, it can still be $ 0.98 to $ 1.02 per token. The token was exchanged at DC 1.1 per USDC on May, 2011, because it was 1.6% higher that day.

Although Teether and USDC are the kings of the stable economy today, many are moving forward with the stable coin token ladder. For example, in 30 days the Walt USD has risen 55.2%, the Cello Dollar has risen 47.4% and the PX Dollar (USDP) has risen 26.4% in the last month.

What do you think about the 54% increase in USDC valuations over the last four months? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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