US coronavirus: The Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine now provides better protection. A booster shot will make the most of it, experts say

“The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is not as effective as Pfizer and Modern. It is well-protected,” said Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health.

Collins’ comments came after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee recommended that all adults who received a single dose of Johnson & Johnson shots should take the second dose at least two months after the first dose.

The FDA will consider the committee’s advice. Vaccine advisers to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will then be asked to consider it.

Experts suggest that those who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should take a booster shot as soon as possible because it will provide the best protection against Covid-1 against them, especially since the more contagious delta variety continues to be an influential strain in the United States. However, they are reinforcing the fact that the vaccine is highly effective against the worst effects of the virus.

Johnson & Johnson indicated that the vaccine’s immune system was weakened – but not too much. Nonetheless, the agency said studies have shown that a booster dose increases the protection equal to the 94% efficacy shown by the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines soon after they were first given in clinical trials last year.

Meanwhile, various real-world studies have found that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was effective between 50% and 68%, Dr. Amanda Cohen with the CDC said Friday.

“If Pfizer and Modern’s mRNA vaccines weren’t 95%, incomparably effective, Johnson & Johnson would look like a hero with a single dose of them, but I think our standards are getting much higher here with other vaccines,” Collins told CNN.

But a study published on Thursday found that the effectiveness of the vaccine against the infection had dropped significantly by August this year, especially for those who received the J&J vaccine.

Researchers have found that among more than 600,000 elderly people, J & J’s vaccine protection against infection has dropped from 88% in March to 3% in August. Meanwhile, the modern vaccine protection against infection has been reduced from 2% to %% and at the same time Pfizer has been reduced from 91% to 50%.

“The effectiveness of this vaccine against serious diseases, keeping people out of the hospital, and this is our main concern,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a professor in the Department of Infectious Diseases. Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

Six months later, the FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee approved the emergency use of the modern Covid-1 vaccine for booster shots, but not for everyone. Moderana recipients and adults over 5 years of age who are at risk of serious illness or who work or live in a place that puts them at risk of complications or serious illness may be eligible for a 50-microgram booster, which is half the size of the initial two-dose series.

And whether booster shots will be available for everyone already vaccinated, health officials are still working to determine.

“I think the more information that comes in and … is carefully reviewed and reviewed, then I think the expansion of recommendations can be gradual. Not quite done yet,” Schaffner said.

Blacks represent a large part of the new vaccination

According to the CDC, public health officials are talking to Booster, saying 66 million Americans who are eligible for the vaccine have not yet received their initial shot, while about 57% of the U.S. population has been fully vaccinated.

Black and brown communities have been shown to bear the brunt of the epidemic for a variety of reasons, including health care inequality.

Covid-1 140 took the parents or grandparents of 100,000,000 U.S. children, and minorities suffered even more.

But there is some good news about the number of vaccines for blacks. More recently, the black population – who make up 12% of the total U.S. population – has come to represent a slightly larger proportion of new vaccinations than in the past, according to the CDC.

Since the introduction of the vaccine, blacks in the United States have been responsible for 10.6% of people with at least one dose. But in the last two weeks, they have received 11.4% new vaccines.

An increase in vaccinations after two studies published by the CDC in April found that ethnic and racial minority groups had higher hospital admissions for Covid-1for and sought emergency department care for Covid-1 for whites than whites.

Another analysis released earlier this month by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found that the difference between the Covid-1 cases and the number of deaths among blacks, Hispanics and whites was shrinking.

KFF researchers have found that while disparities still exist between different ethnic groups, the gap between blacks and Hispanics is widening based on an analysis of CDC case and death data last month. But covid-1 infections are more common among Native Americans and Alaska Aborigines.

A pharmacist holds a bottle of Johnson.  Johnson Covid-1 vaccine at a hospital in Bay Shore, New York.

Law enforcement is resisting some vaccines, but Covid-1 is killing them more than guns

Meanwhile, despite being the first law enforcement group to be vaccinated in late 2020, Covid-1 officers have become the leading cause of death for officers.

As of Saturday, a total of 476 Covid-1 related deaths have occurred since the onset of the epidemic, with 94 people killed by gunfire at the same time.

Nevertheless, law enforcement officers and their unions across the country have resisted the vaccine mandate despite the Delta variant-fuel resurgence of Covid-1 of and the effectiveness of shots to prevent serious lawsuits and deaths.

The reasons for vaccine resistance among law enforcement officials range from misinformation to disbelief in the science of vaccines.

In Chicago, police told union officials not to follow the mayor’s order to submit evidence of the Covid-1 vaccine by Friday.

Every time a police officer has been killed by gunfire from Kovid-1 since the beginning of the epidemic

In a video message posted on YouTube, Chicago Brotherhood Order Police President John Catanzara called on officers to take a stand against the mandate.

“I’m telling you right now. It’s an inappropriate order. It’s illegal … Reject this order,” Katanzara said in the video.

The city has filed a complaint alleging the union is “encouraging a work stoppage or strike”. A Cook County Circuit judge ruled Friday night that Katanzara should not make public statements encouraging members to adhere to the vaccination policy.

According to a union statement on Friday, Katanzara “never stopped working, supported or encouraged”.

Lightfoot said the city would take the weekend to check with officials who did not comply with the mandate. He said officers should be on duty until their supervisors say they have been put on leave.

CNN’s Jane Christensen, Maggie Fox, Raja Rajek and Karma Hassan contributed to this report.

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